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> I have just been told by a friend that aparently men only use one side
> of their brain whilst women use both.
...(Not true but it is true that some researchers have announced that
the corpus callosum, a brain bundle which links the left half to the
right half of the brain is larger in women suggesting they tend to make
more connections between things than men because the nerve cable bundle
is larger)...
> I was wondering if this was accurate as I have also been told that
> each side of the brain controls the opposite side of your body?
...(True and this can be seen in cases of brain attack/stroke where one
side of the body becomes disabled due to a stroke on the other side of
the brain)...
> Which of these is correct or if neither is correct can anyone tell me
> just what each area of the brain is responsible for?
...(There actually are a few reports of women and men who are aware
that their consciousness can shift from primarily left brain to
primarily right brain and so on:  the most reliable account I know of
is contained in a 1981 book titled How to Cure Hyperactivity by Anita
Uhl Brothers, M.D., of Berkeley, California, et. al which reports that
an FDA medicine would shift perception from hemisphere to hemisphere.
The book is available through the national library system)...
> Thank you in advance for any help you can offer
> Little Steve

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