book about the brain and its functions

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Sun Jul 25 22:17:38 EST 1999

What a pathetic clutching at a pretense of knowing something:
"implicit", oh, yeah...

You would have been better off if you had left it implicit, but
NO-o-o-o: you had to throw in a word you had read somewhere (as usual,
without understnding the context at all).  At about the time you
stopped reading, kainic acid  was all the rage for EXPERIMENTALLY
INDUCED lesions, but surely you MUST know (QUICK, re-read AoK, it MUST
be in there SOMEWHERE--maybe next to the missing fornix section?), MUST
know that when people are talking about ENDOGENOUS OVERPRODUCTION due
to seizure or stroke or trauma. they are talking about SOME OTHER
excitatory amino acid; one which is very important in normal
functioningf; indeed, one which is the neurotransmitter in perhaps 90%
of the brain's synapses (well, don't flame me if I am off by 1 or 2

Enough hints?  I won't say whatt it is until you've had a chance to
look it up and post it and say "I knew that!"

F. LeFever

In <uVk4xnk1#GA.252 at cpmsnbbsa05> "Ken Collins" <KPaulC at>
>'excitotoxins'... chemically-induced rampant TD E/I(up, up)... as in
>it's all (implicit) in AoK, Frank.
>ken collins
>F. Frank LeFever wrote in message
<7nd3lg$o5a at>...
>>Knowing personally someone who has played a very important role in
>>establishing the role of excitotoxins in hippocampal damage due to
>>seizure, and giving considerable attention to the role of
>>(i.e. over-produced excitatory amino acid transmitters) in other
>>conditions (stroke, head trauma),

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