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>look at =any= tragedy, and you'll see, within it, a "house divided"... all
>the way from couples and families, to Humanity as a whole.

you see, Jesus was addressing =all= of these "houses"... all possible
"houses"... right up to Humanity as a whole.

He was addressing, and tieing togethere all of His other Teaching, with
respect to all Humanity, and all Humanity hopes and dreams for.

He was addressing the Survival of Humanity, and the explosive
destructiveness, derived in reckless, short-sighted, self-centered... loving
that which is merely-familiar... on the part of Humanity, which is the thing
that will destroy Humanity, if what you refer to as just "common sense"
isn't comprehended, and put into practice throughout Humanity.

yet, if it's just "common sense", why did apartheid happen? why did Angola
happen? why did the Congo happen? why does Pakistan and India happen? why
did the Rape of China happen?

if it's just "common sense", then why do folks, routinely, prey upon each

why does deception, which can =only= divide, not only happen, but win

and after you've figured out how all such happens in the face of just
"common sense", then tell me about "I've not come for peace, but for

or why don't you just take your B. S. and sit on it, somewhere =other= than
a Neuroscience place?



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