the 'style' of my posts

Ken Collins KPaulC at
Thu Jul 29 01:43:34 EST 1999

this is, perhaps(?), a first... no one's 'accused' me of being a
'fundamentalist' before :-)

ken collins

Angelico wrote in message <37a5f9c7.12843476 at>...
>On 22 Jul 1999 20:05:20 PDT, echuth at (Liz) wrote:
>=The following post has been selected for a Millennium 2000®
>=Fundy-English Translator beta test.
>[snip for brevity]
>ROFL! You should use the Millennium 2000® Fundy-English Translator
>more often. It clarifies things a lot for those of us who don't have
>English as our first language.
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