Its good news for people with neurological conditions

Millennial Dragon james.teo at
Tue Jun 1 20:36:32 EST 1999

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999 21:27:14 +0100, "Andrew Fletcher"
<gravitystudy at> wrote:
>I Have posted the MSCR report to you in HTML format and some details about
>the study and the reasoning behind it.

Thanks. I've read it and have assimilated it. I'm (understandably)
abit skeptical, but I hope other people will read it for themselves
and decide on the matter for themselves.

>>How do you measure the 'specific gravity of urine'?
>with a simple hydrometer.

Hydrometers measure humidity don't they? I presume you mean a water
column or mercury column, but these measure air pressure not gravity.
I am under the impression that the most direct way (other than using
supercolliders) of measuring 'gravity' is a pendulum and a bob. The
'MSCR report' doesn't mention how it was measured.

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