Long Term Potentiation & Memory

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 2 20:05:42 EST 1999

>Also, can LTP be induced in a live animal? 
Volunteer for such, and you might found out.
...There are those who are cowards into the abuse of others.

>If so, would this LTP then prevent the animal 
>from learning anything new that required the use of
>the already potentiated circuits? 

I do not believe that all of us animals of Earth are interested in
that question, and if in hundreds of millions of years any should
become interested, if they are seriously interested in different own
memory systems they might figure out eventually without you.

Alone for us mammals I find questions like that rather idle time
If any of the memory systems would not work the way it is supposed to
due to hardware damages, bla about long term potentiation is not
sounding like it tells me how to reprogram in my head or in other ways
get the according sysetm(s) to function better.

Nor do I need anyone to tell me how long to "hold" and with what force
to command  for some stuff I want stored, nor when to run a repetition
afterwards and how to check it was stored.

Maybe instead that time could be spent with the moral aspects of
abusing the hippocampus of another person of another mammal race or
another race.
And future risks  in the age of people sending with satellites 
and other devices into you what they want if you like it or not.
The next millennium is not likely to be free of people who like now
are out for power, control or for sending Rambo and advertising with
waves through your systems. That they cannot aim the waves straight
for your systems but are still at sending them through you for some
T.V. and radio and other stuff, does not mean they would not straight
send for you if they knew how to.
I do not even get how anyone can be that utterly stupid to want to
give the kings & democrats & olygarchies & dictators of Earth extended
powers for direct controls  nor how anyone can trust  those sending
waves into & through you without consent of the person 
irregardless how many might die of cancer by it
and irregarless how much some of them protest that they need their
peace not disturbed by all this sent into them,
that the senders all would would not send targetted.

If they are having some humour, they might even excuse it by saying
that if it was straight tuned the cancer rates might go down compared
to just alike enough to disturb energy ranges to unhealthy settings,
so that it is an improvement to before.

The other day I saw a stand advertising for stealing freedom of the
last semi-free ones of Earth by wanting papers for all.
I'd say if they go on with energy ranges measurings, within the next
millenuim alike social "security" card in the USA more and more people
can access directly via the satellite net where you are and roughly
what is going on in you.

The old German song that thoughts are free and though you can be
locked up this will stay so, will become an error of another age,
where some song maker was not foreseeing enough that there are
actually people who value the own inner freedom so little, that they
want the range data how to access the own brain and scan around in it
out to anyone who might be interested and develop the technology for

How can one be that utterly stupid?

Telepathy and magic are around back into the dawn of human history, 
and there comes the point where ignoring the "energy fields" and
blabbing around about axons and synapses for ages
and ignoring the relations of "fields"  gets outright silly.
Basically even for a sense censored who can't halo-scan straight it is
not the big trick to stick some stuff to the outside of someone's head
and notice that there are energies there, too, that originate from
inside the brain, and anyone a bit more advanced in brain magic
porbably has noticed that altering the ranges in the own head when
connected to the other head alters there.

Sometimes I have the impression there are fools, who are so
mind-bogglingly stupid, that if they could they would give all into
ruling others of Earth the range data about how to tune for ranges in
their head, read them,  alter them & the own hardware.

I guess the difference between practicers of magic and sense censored
Westies is, that among many practicers of magic the tendency for
thousands of years seemed to be that a lot of the power data is only
transferred to peeople considered inside far enough, and it seems not
correct that in some places where the Catholics disturbed too much,
that is not so anymore,
while Westies seem to be proud if they can give anyone with the money
for having the technology build bombs, data for bacteria data, data
for how to alter subataomically in someone so he croaks, data on what
ranges to scan and send for personal stuff in the brain, data how to
tune for ranges seeing to hardware alterations...
Why do you not straight send to those into ruling others of Earth,
and get them to pay for your research?

Anyone far enough in understanding the brain should know where some of
this is likely to lead in the next thousand years.

Why not admit openly that parts where Alzheimer damages most are own
systems, that neurology likes to abuse persons of other races anyway
and that some like to go on eating meat, and what the energy range
measurings to do with own systems can be used for, and promote that,
instead of pretending that you do not know where we are in the brain,
that you do not know what this might be abused for in the next
millenium and that you do not know that you are working at finding out
ranges data that advancing in technology and research is likely to see
to the loss of inner freedom.

At some neuros could admit that we mammals have main centers in the
cholinergic limbic system, the criminal and moral aspects of a
neurologist taking the hippocampus of another person of another mammal
race and playing around with energies, 
and admit to the public that if knowing the ranges of the own I areas
and tuning for them and then altering, this can also be used to alter
and admit that based on neuros work for mental control in the next
millenium humans are likely to get a good start in that if they wish

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