The problem of non-communication between different levels of intelligences/Le probleme de l'impossibilite communicationnelle entre differents niveaux d'intelligences

Uncle Al uncleal0 at
Fri Jun 4 18:12:47 EST 1999

Lisa Gardner wrote:
> Professeur Chadoko wrote:
> >Considérations théoriques sur le problème de l' impossibilite du
> >contact entre les
> >civilisations extraterrestres avancées (ETI) et la civilisation
> >humaine: la communication
> >symbolique séquentielle par rapport à la communication non-symbolique
> >non-séquentielle.[...]
> Can anyone here translate this into english, please? Thanks.
> Lisa

   1) All the letters are silent.
   2) Say it out loud.  That is its meaning.

We are reminded that some European philosopher whiz-bang academic
"derived" what the Martian language would sound like.  I suspect he did
not include compromises necessitated by the 7 torr ground level

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