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activity-dependent plasticity in the adult

Fallah fallah at princeton.edu
Tue Mar 2 14:40:25 EST 1999

    Argh, color me stupid, all that I said about Ramachandran, I meant
Merzenich [correct spelling].

    The Taub stuff was a long-term study following up on Merzenich's
original digit amputation studies in the short term [6 months].

    Thanks for kicking my brain in gear.

"F. Frank LeFever" wrote:

> Also, check out Mezzernich (sp??), concurrent or coordinated
> stimulation of different digits, etc.  I know, lit search goes poorly
> with mis-spelled names.  Someone more sure of the spelling help me out?
>  If no other recourse, search under Paula Tallal, who (I believe) has
> sometimes co-authored with him, and get correct spelling and initials
> that way.
> Also--just thought of it-- extensive brain reorganization in one of Ed
> Taub's deafferented monkeys.  A LONG delayed report (in Science?  5-6
> years ago?) with multiple authors, but I think Ed was one; he's into
> other things now, but lit search on his name starting 10 years ago
> should locate it.
> F. Frank LeFever, Ph.D.
> New York Neuropsychology Group
> In <36DAB1A8.4C1978A6 at princeton.edu> Fallah <fallah at princeton.edu>
> writes:
> >
> >
> >
> >    One set of answers can be picked up from Ramachandran's work,
> including
> >his more recent work:
> >
> >    Even in adulthood, you can remap your somatopic map just by usage.
>  You
> >can also retune your auditory cortex to different wavelengths.  These
> can
> >also be reversed.  Showing that activity-dependent plasticity does
> continue
> >to occur throughout adulthood, at least in some areas.  So if you want
> an
> >example of it, narrow your search to Ramachandran.  I'm sure there are
> loads
> >of others out there too.
> >
> >    M. Fallah
> >    PU
> >

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