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Dolphin brain, language, and intelligence

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 3 12:57:18 EST 1999

>> No.  Development of language may be indicative of intelligence.  It would be
>> difficult to describe an individual human born without the necessary brain
>> anatomy to utilize language in some fashion as intelligent.

I take it that you know the different intelligence centers in your
brain and in the brains of those you talk about well enough to judge
that and proclaim it here internationally.  

Sounding like some meat eater wanting to declare mute MBD autists and
some others as not intelligent to justify own deeds.  

It would be difficult to describe an individual human born with the
necessary brain anatomy to utilize the own cholinergic limbic system &
front  generalizing loads of others not known personally 
and confusing the language structurer with the different centers for
intelligence  as overly intelligent.

>> Languages are vocal or symbolic in some form, and
>> allow the transfer of complex ideas.  Languages are not chemical. 

Cool. We remove all chemistry out of you, and you try to use language

I take it that your knowledge about magic language is zero.

Maybe if you would not babble that much about people who can't talk
being not intelligent, and instead ask someone liking you enough for
that to  in segregated stage magically target sector data into your
systems then after many moths or years or decades you might get that
there are little energies that make bigger ones that eventually make
your chemistry, and that where own thinking is, that is to do with
loads of the subatomic ones "rippling" in the different own limbic
sort of subatomic fields "floating" in systems with sparkling points
of atomic stuff "location-vibing",
and that it does not tend to take decades of training to extend
"fields" into other brains to the location-vibing points of the
according systems there to transform part of the sent stuff into
meaning for the other one. 
Maybe before understanding at least some basics of telepathic
communication like many humans have been doing for thousands of years,
and then come to understand intelligence better while watching
different systems in other human brains, 
you should be a bit more self-critical concerning your knowledge about
what is going on in other brains and in judging their intelligence.

And when you learn more about such, you might also get when it comes
to own I perception in the brain, who are some of the walking data
banks of Earth about own I areas subdata, about the intelligence of
the sequencer doing the walking for them in case systems are not too
handicapped for that, and what role the lower and upper front is
having for the own and the sequencer's systems concerning

Excuse me, but I heard ways more intelligent stuff about intelligence
from someome so handicapped that he had trouble getting the language
structurer to work well. At least when you have to sort of argue with
internal areas if they are going to cooperate after all, or spend
considerable times waiting for internal connections to take place, you
have a lot of time over years and decades to ponder such stuff.

>> Great apes and humans can communicate complex ideas.

Like the one that who does not have the facilities in the brain to
talk is not intelligent?

Or that a mirror breaking is meaning seven years of bad luck?

Or that someone bombed in his capital if having bio-weapons might
decide that if he lost anyway he can take the rest along into death
and maybe convince some "heroes" that they are "destined" for
Dschennet and are worthy to spread the stuff to help Giaurs to
Dschehenna, main departments maybe Gehim, Ladha and in a modern,
technical way maybe Sakar, and for Clinton maybe to Derk Asfal?

Does a complex idea mean that it is intelligent? 

Or  if over complex ideas doing things that are disturbing the
harmonies of nature and himself  is someone doing things that are less
intelligent than many of the deeds of those who do not do that?

Who is more intelligent, someone counting together 35 and 35 and dying
after some months because he did not see to have enough food 
or someone who saw to having enough food and turning 70 years old but
not able to count together 35 and 35 
or are they both dumb in comparison to some for whom the time a sun
exists  is less than a year or a second second for us  
counting how many of those time units there were in the time the being

Maybe someone able to scan your brain subatomically would already find
it funny how little of what is going on in your external systems is
registered by you, how much one can change there without you knowing
what is going on, how little you can discern what is of your systems
and what is received by your systems of other systems in the brain,
how little you understand subatomically regarded about the world even
just around you in the first place, and how with that you wish to rate
who is how intelligent.

>Maybe ultimately it _is_ the prime objective for "general communication"
>to establish a link between brains.

Apart that for general communication magicians hardly tend to limit
themselves just to links between brains, and that without
differentiation between which brains,
at least for telepaths here I know you are mistaken.

What you say to me sounds a bit like saying that the prime objective
for general art is to establish a link between red and yellow. 

I believe that all in orange might still be more comfortable for some
than any telepath in range (and for some that is Earth and beyond) and
in the mood being linked into the own brain. Guess a lot of humans
like some links just sometimes between their brains.

Many want to hide a lot of data or/and falsify data, and it might find
that much easier if avoiding many links between brains.

>Language is prone to misinterpretation while chemical and electrical
>signals (in some sense ...) are not.



BTW, on trip I listened to some tape with whales' tones, and merrily
guessing, the going down in tone could as well have been what here we
call Echolotung, sort of a sound wave orientation.
Upgoing was often at communication starting times, 
and within communication also other tones.

On higher ranges some made a high pitched tone sounding like far
carrying one, that often was followed by others doing it,
and then a lower going specific tone that followed, 
that to me sounded also to have to do with position indication.

But there were also a lot of tones where I had not idea what they
might mean.

I do not know which kind of whales those were and if their systems are
anything to do with dolphins systems.

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