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please help

bobd bob at internauts.ca
Thu Mar 4 00:24:54 EST 1999

any information,experience,advice strength or hope would be very much
thanks very much

-39 year old male;good health
-mold spore allergy ,smoke 1 pack a day
-work as delivery driver and drummer
-bilateral inguinal hernia nov '97
-right side repaired june 9,'98 with marlex mesh

-intermittent feeling of cold ,cut off circulation and extereme
shriveling in private parts.
-extreme sensitivity in right testicle;pain in some sitting
positions-seems to be connected to the operation site.after a hot
bath,this seems to be worse.
-overal feeling of fragility,unable to exert or move certain ways
without pain or horrible consequences 24-48 hours later
-pain,tension and pressure at the operation site and right side.(upper
right side intermittently at edge of scar and above)
-difficulty in attaining full erection;pain in lower left back upon
ejaculation.nothing comes out right away and volume is less.extreme
pressure and discomfort and pressure right side in attempts at sex.this
began middle of jan
-numbness and sensitivity right side base of penis and pubic area.
-intermittent lower back pain.
9-operation no complications
-fair amount of sitting up with pressure at incision
-lite drumming hands only till uncomfortable with pressure sitting
-no strenuous activity
-quite a bit of walking,sitting,lite drumming
-took parts out of car,little strenuos turning bolts
31-first drumming job;lifting of equipment.WAS THIS A FATAL MISTAKE?
-felt no severe consequences week after
10-back to work delivery lite schedule.this job involves a LOT of
getting in and out of the car 
4-did another drumming job
-mid september busy night on delivery began to feel sensitive in private
parts and overall fragile feeling.this was THE FIRST apparent setback
-felt tentative that week,but still did a carpet cleaning job,involving
raking motion and lifting equipment.half way through this I began to
feel REALLY horrible and fragile.felt I had to go home and lie down
-lay down in all my spare time between work shifts
-felt better mid october
-began walking again 20 min-1/2 hour a day
-had a VERY busy weekend mid? Oct where I played drums day and night for
2 days
-involved lifting of equipment;but I never lifted anything REALLY
heavy,and again felt no serious consequences after this weekend.WAS THIS
-the drumming and right leg motion is definatly the most strenuous thing
I have done
-did soundproofing job involving lifting of plywood sheets and moving in
awkward positions
-this knocked me on my back for a few weeks in all my spare time;same
symptoms as that first busy night in Sept
-surgeon said symptoms were as a result of too strenuous activity
-began routine of struggling through work and laying still in ALL my
spare time.missed days at work
-did 12 hour painting job;this knocked me flat on my back for a month
-began to practice hands only;lasted 3 days began to feel horrible again
-saw emergency doc out of anxiety
-private parts shrunken,difficulty sitting,intense pressure at
incision-like it is going to burst through
6-finally began to feel better,like I had finally gotten over the
hump.great physical and emotional relief.FELT MUCH STRONGER
15-VERY busy day on delivery in the snowstorm.3 days later I am
completely messed up again.heaviness at incision,extreme sensitivity
right side private parts.pain while bending
-late jan began to develop alarming symptom of shriveled private
parts,which felt like ciculation was cut off.pain in right testicle
-in and out of emergency hospital,missed work
-consulted second surgeon;recommended urologist stating that my symptoms
may be a result of a prostate infection
-urine analysis revealed no urinary tract infection
-scrotal ultrasound revealed no torsion or source of pain.
-consultation urologist recommended
-my surgeon found no irregularities other than inflammation of 
(blood?)vessals above right testicle
-she applied pressure here and pain was unbearable
-also referred me to second urologist and asked for blood test
1-saw first urologist;VERY fast exam without knowledge of case history.
-digital rectal exam gave me EXTREME pain and pressure in the private
parts,like I was going to explode.
-he diagnosed prostatitis and I began antibiotics on feb 1 
-he stated that no matter how much I thought the symptoms were related
to the operation,that they were not.
-after 1 week medication,"imagined"I felt better and began practicing
drums which included exercises for the right leg.resulted in pain at
incision site,kind of inside
-2 days later I feel horrible,and can barely work
9-saw second urologist;his assesement was that my body is sensitive to
the mesh .stated that he has seen this before.
-prescribed time and intermittent rest-OR TAKE THE MESH OUT
-I asked him if this could always be like this and he said yes
-he did not believe this was prostatitis at all 
-return consultation to second surgeon referred me for EMG test inguinal
region march 2.
-symptoms of shrunken private parts and lack of circulation subside
15-final return to my surgeon;she has NOT seen an extended recovery like
-recommends NO strenuous,repetitious activity,to try to get back to
where I was jan 6
before considering removing mesh because I would never know if I would
be ok WITH the mesh.
-results of blood test showed high white count indicating infection.she
assumed this was the prostatitis and recommended finishing medication
26-saw dr.hinchey surgery clinic montreal general.he found nerve
entrapment in the scar tissue right side pubic area.administered
anasthetic and cortisone injection treatment.follow up on march 19th.
28-notice hard bump below incision,get horrible pain from deep inside
that I had not felt before.
2-saw dr. blain and had emg test;reveals normal.he mentions bursitis at
the point where I had the cortisone injection.next day pain and
sensitivity is very bad and I feel unsure if I am able to keep working.

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