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*St. John's Wort and Sexual Function*

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 3 12:56:23 EST 1999

(To others: babbling post)

>>But I believe prozac is better for if I had inhibitions to kill
>>someone, wanted to endanger a good partnership or/and if I really
>>hated my first emotion generator and wanted to mess up a real lot real
>You have fluoxetine mixed up with alcohol.
What is fluexetinge doing and what is it doing mixed up with alcohol? 

>>Homocide potential drug.
>There are homicide potential people, but not homicide potential drugs.

Of course there are.  There are programs that prevent such, and if you
imbalance a lot and with that the according programs that are life
protection programs then they are no longer functioning correctly to
block from killing.
Together with the mess up that is dangerous.

Maybe your systems react different.

I meant it serious; if I have problems to kill someone, I rate that
with that one I'd have far less problems.

>>Predict you something: If you mess up psyche balance systems
>>instead of providing for your systems what they need,
>>in other words make your own incompetence in providing for your
>>systems well (or at least well enough)  worse  by additionally
>>chemically messing them up, you are not likely to have a nice life.
>Prediction: if you start with the wrong idea, you'll come to the wrong

So which is the wrong idea?
That someone not providing for his systems needs well is causing

And that still not providing for them and instead messing them up
parat of them real bad chemically on top, so that some of the most
improtant programs can't run cporrectly anymore, is not likely to make
the person have a nice life?

If some day we have both nothing to do I guess one could ask a load of
people who worked on providing for their systems needs well and who
did not
and people who tool prozac on top of imbalances and if they had a nice
life afterwards?

Guess we could straight include at what age they died, too, with the
ones who took it a long time.

>You've been messing with the wrong drugs, eh?
A bunch of wrong ones which often I just took once and had enough of
them straight the first time till now (several micros, speed, C one
night, some plant seeds,...), some boring ones (for example some stuff
from shop shelves in the USA) and fascinating ones ... (trips, good
THC) ... of which some I still would not like too often (various
shrooms, "madmaker" mesc) and some not very good but useful ones
(different sorts of tea, (?)taurin, guarana).
And a bunch of other stuff. Don't really bother to remember all, apart
from that the list might get a bit long. Basically had a testing time
where I tested a lot that still seemed O.K., and then decided what I
like and what not.
E and chicken trips are for example sort of happy drugs, but are not
really worth the damages too often. 
Might take E at the annual Love Parade (techno festival), and not
necessarily every year. 

One time I tried testosterone, fascinating, but messed up so much,
that I had the distinct impression that if I ever wanted to do that
again, I should wait several years and then just take little.

I'd say the real wrong ones were mircros.
Chemical hammer surprise in little pill form,
one sort of semi-knocking me out for some hours.
And some stuff is bad for joints, kidneys and one mix I bought some
place was the first and only one I recall at the moment where my liver
protested a bit for some hours.
Once still more in my starter times I mixed over thirty Irish little
shrooms with E and had a joint later one. 
BAD idea.
It's many years ago and till this day from some eye damage there
on trips and some other drugs my right pupil goes full fast and then
stays so ways longer than the other. Looks a bit weird at times.

In the start that happened without stuff.
Was in a bar and someone kept asking me if I were on some drug, and
since I did not feel that I was behaving weird and apart from a joint
about more than 12 hours ago that as usual after about 4 hours had
been out of the systems, I did not get why he kept asking, till I came
home and looked in a mirror and the left one ws normal and the right
one was like a round black lake. Then I got why that bloke had kept
asking me if I am on something, that looked pretty weird.

I'd say I messed some stuff up with the wrong drugs, but for example
with the eye after about a year it usually did not that when sober
anymore, and on trips by now I even find it interesting that there is
a difference between the pupils when going up or coming down, because
both indicate certain stages, sort of like two different measurers
indicating certain stages, which allows me a  rather neat estimate
real fast after one short look into the mirror (though I often know
without that, too).

Guess a lot if I were to live again I'd do again.
Unhealthy, but I would not want to lack many of the experiences.

How about you?

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