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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 10 18:31:13 EST 1999

Maybe in the wave-patterns in systems are to do with it,
and hormones.

>I've read articles that say that beats in music which are quite
>similar to the beats of our mothers' heart makes us feel
>safe and secure.
>And because of that we like to listen to music.
>Is that true?
>In that case, will a cloned human being like to listen to

Apart from that being a clone is not excluding being in the womb of a
mother, I do not believe so.

>What role does the brain play in making us like music?

When in my brainsurfer times I docked into the connection relay
towards the front and "set music tone waves from the outside into a
certain depth there" to make it run in the part up above me where I
believe that it is part of the cingulate gyrus and that I call "my
playground", and then docked there and played around with them turned
into colours I could see to the generation of some nice emotion
flashs, where from what I heard about endorphines I do not exclude
that several of them were to do with that.

After the concussion a lot of music beats overlayed too much with some
internal rhythm and there was overload of damaged systems, and by now
I still have trouble to run tones there because there are still too
many damages there, though at least I do not get into pre-epileptic
stages from it anymore.

Also the systems do not like all music.
For example making the right and left half of mentioned area "follow a
different (stereo) melody" systems seemed to hate.
Seemed to be important not to get the halves too much out of synch.
Tough to an extent I liked some of the effects.

Also sort of an processing challenge, feels like from more to the
middle sort of steering stuff in both halves, and to make it run there
was sort of a mix between being off and being docked that had a
certain challenge to it.

Sort of segregated and united at once.

I guess what people make of music is not necessarily the same.

I know someone else who also to me seemed pretty autist in quite a
bit, and she said "she was between the tones".

There were two people making fun of me because I did not understand
how they make music tones run not just from two loudspeakers and
"between" but in the room, and then I got one to take it serious that
maybe not any baby can do that as one of them claimed,
and plagued him ages till I got more about what they meant.

At some point on drugs I did some stuff, forget if I sort of "shoved
them out of the playground after I got them to run in there" or
something like that,
and later I found out that if I am on magic perception and do some
stuff that is too complicated to describe for me now, that then I can
also hear them similar to the way they seemed to mean in the room,
though I had the impression that they are also sort of "moving" tones
to other positions.
Back then I figured that that is to do with them being able to hear
music out of memory awake and me not. 

BTW, there are some people who can't and many who can,
and some just awake, just in dreams or just in the transition phase
and some in several phases.
Not sure how much that has to do with it.


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