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Harry's Suggestion

Greg Alexander galexand at sietch.bloomington.in.us
Thu Mar 11 19:18:45 EST 1999

hahahahhhahaha, is it a Markov chain (sp) ?

In article <36e30c4a.21899915 at news.zedat.fu-berlin.de>, Cijadrachon wrote:
>>and how language developed. 
>What does it say about that?
>For the unlikely chance that any brainsurfers/psychedilic users 
>with cingulate access are around:
>When switching to where tones forwards up above the own areas go to
>"colour structure", any historic origin time estimates? 
>You believe it is to do with language development later, too, or not,
>and that is just to do with tones differentiating off the rest or
>something like that?
>When "switching the front to transcending" and comparing that to just
>other neocortex structures being tuned a lot to transcending ranges
>but the front not yet, and comparing the results to embryos
>development, is there a time where you'd guess a certain congruence?
>Time estimate of where the front went off the rest for perception?
>When observing  "action config change" for front transcending
>perception, anyone having enough subperception to know if the language
>structurer goes off new function first  or if the off-lining is going
>together with alterations of several systems for older function
>Also e-mail REs welcome.
>>Apparently, there have been many stages of intelligence over the 3-billion-year-long
>>history of life: reflex, 
>Why is reflex rated as intelligence?
>What is intelligend about when I sit 
>and someone taps some spot at my knee 
>and the lower leg goes up?
>>The role of "delay" is very important for human decision
>>and free-will.
>IMO delay is to do with mine and the sequencer's thinking capacities,
>and it is no chance that our systems are of several systems nor is it
>chance that we are using the front for more parallel tracks and other
>stuff, also I guess to do with delay.
>But me and the sequencer are not the only ones to decide stuff, and a
>couple of the systems that to me are not seeming intelligent are
>giga-deciders in the brain.
>And concerning free will, if one of them wants something and I do not
>find it logical and override, then it might be my free will to do
>that, but if I that way see to negative balances and then many systems
>do not feel well, what do I have of that? So much for free will.
>>I got my copy of
>>"The Bible According to Einstein" at Amazon.com at a nice discount,
>>but BarnesandNoble.com also offers $10 off the price.
>(If I were more suspicious I'd wonder more seriously if friends of an
>author or to do with a company go through rooms and advertise for
>their stuff.)

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