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Question about emotions versus reactions

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Mar 11 18:08:39 EST 1999


yoda at isr.ist.utl.pt ("Rodrigo Ventura") wrote:

>        Hi. I'm a researcher in the field of AI (artif. intelligence),
>my work is about artificial emotions 
In other words, not even understanding the own yet in a time where
humans destroy so much because of emotions you want to build another
being while maybe some natural ones of your kind die because they do
not have enough momey, and give that artificial mind artificial

I hope this is some joke.

>        Let's assume a functional division of the CNS in three layers
>[MacLean]: a "reptile" brain which is based in reactive behavior, a
>"mamalian" brain which involves emotions (limbic system), and the
>neocortex associated with reasoning, etc. 

We mammals tend to have own I areas in the limbic system, so already
by reducing that to just some mammilian brain you are removing
yourself out of the brain, and I did not even get who is supposed to
initiate the reasoning for the front, the sequencer or what, nor the
bit about the occipital cortex and reasoning?

Or do you mean the brain not of a mammal but some different limbic
system without the own I areas and without parts of the amygdala, as
there are programs older than mammal in there?

>The question is: how can the
>reactive layer (e.g., the spinal cord response to a burning stimulus)
>and emotions (e.g., fear) be functionally distinguished.
Maybe start with which fear(s) to do with which region(s) you are

>Another question that is related with this is: when did the
>limbic system appeared,
I don't know. My ancestors long before mammal.

>And more imposrtanty, what was the _qualitatively_ step that evolution took
>when emotions appeared? 
Personified evolution might have thought it practical for steering
behaviours needed for own and off-springs' surviving.
>What was the shortcomings of the non-emotional
>animals that lead to the appearence of emotions?
Try sex without any emotions, or running away from a dangerous being
intending to kill you, afterwards you might understand more. 
... Could you name some animals non - emotional?
BTW, if I feel hungry, is that an emotion or not for you?

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