degenerative brain stem disorder

Nick Medford nick at
Wed Mar 17 15:04:51 EST 1999

In article <36EEFC04.9E65CBD6 at>, Kim Edmonds <kedmnds at>
>does anyone have any information on degenerative brain stem disorder or
>know if it is classified under a different name.  Need to write a paper
>this week and can't find any information.
"Degenerative brainstem disorder" sounds like a vague descriptive term
rather than an actual diagnosis. A disease that comes to mind is OPCA
(olivo-pontine-cerebellar atrophy), one of the so-called "Parkinsons-
plus" syndromes. It's characterised by the general features of
Parkinsonism, plus brainstem and cerebellar deterioration. Try OPCA as a
search term- should yield some results.     
Nick Medford

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