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Opioids' opportunistic operations and psychobehavioural outcomes withinn the "Actention Selection System"

Sir Knowitall for.spam.reasons.peel.away.until.only.fellin.remains at one.net.au
Fri Mar 19 21:14:49 EST 1999

The primarily inhibitory ("gating" or "filtering") action of Endorphins are
triggered by certain (in principle correlatable) patterns of afferent
excitatory stimulation/transmitters (most likely involving glutamic acid).

Hence, the motivational end-result of life-Situations that implore the
service of "the endorphin system" [as it has been referred to] may in
principle (and of course, **evidently**, in reality) be *double-edged* (or

This ample scope of *not just* hypothetical possibilities, include that not
only endorphin-release-triggering neurons may deliver behaviour-driving
excitatory action potentials at separate brain-locations (i.e. at
*Situationally linked* destinations, so to speak) but that branching axons
of endorphin-releasing neurons might also (plausibly) do so.

Thus, EPTly put:

"SHIICTS" (with an emphasis on this hybridised concEPT's "SHITS" part) and
subsequent SHIICTS-induced {note the "ICTS" [for, "Inducing CURSES (alt.
Irritating Cloud) Type Situation(s)"] part} CURSES (or e.g. "CCKHHURSEESSS")
may, through the AEVASIVE subsystem of the nervous system

[or more comprehensively and "EPTly" put : -- the "Actention Selection
(including deselection) System" of an individual (imparticular of the human

have neurophysiological ways to *not only* cope with certain kinds of
intractable adversity by "selective HibernationT", but means to do so at
roughly the same time in ways that can be classified (is classified à la
EPT) as Opportunistic.

Re "EPT" (an explanatory platform-terminology): Welcome to
www.ozemail.com.au/~fellin/portal.htm (an excEPTional ---- I hope not just
because it is hilariously funny ----%-} -----web-publication in the making).

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