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Is thinking more like a thunderstorm or like a calculation?

cui_siling at my-dejanews.com cui_siling at my-dejanews.com
Mon Mar 22 18:08:59 EST 1999

You are referring to human values. Almost all our values can not be
programmed. If you try, you are going to fall into a logic trap in the end,
i.e. "to make a program to choose other programs without being made up of

Values are related to the entropy of a system in biological level. I have
mentioned the concept of entropy in comp.ai.philosophy and comp.ai.

Cui Siling

In article <36F3F580.136B8B8F at evitech.fi>,
  "Bisqwit (Joel Yliluoma)" <joelhy at evitech.fi> wrote:
> I don't think thinking is like a thunderstorm.
> It is not like a calculation, but it is nearer.
> Thinking - and logical decisions - when brains make a
> decision, it is always data comparing.
> You have a group of assertions, and then you put them
> into balance - whichever weights most, it helps making
> the decision.
> When you sit on chair and hear a sound from outside,
> you choose between assertions:
>   - It is comformtable to sit - don't leave
>   - You are curious to know about the sound source - leave
>   - You can not recognize the sound - investigate it
>   - It is good weather outside - leave
>   - You have sat for a long time,
>     it would be good to go out - leave
>   - You have important job to do - don't leave
>   - You have a cat sleeping in your arms
>     and do not want to wake it. - don't leave.
> Then you multiply then results for the assertion tests
> by some constants... With the 'how'-factors.
> Then, if 'leave' wins, you leave. Otherwise you stay.
> If they are in balance, you think about it until you
> decide something or something else comes to your mind.
> I don't know how does this work on the biological level,
> but I don't find it difficult to think about.
> Sorry if I did not give you anything new to think about,
> but I found the topic (subject) interesting and wanted
> to write this. I read the comp.ai.neural-nets group
> and have no experience of neural nets programming.
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