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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sun Mar 21 15:44:40 EST 1999

(Maybe SKIP.)

>... There is so much crap on the net about this that isn't supported
>by research.
There is difference between not supported by research and proven wrong
by research.

If I were to try to "see" this monitor and get cancer danger red
alert, or eat something with aspartame and have to force any spoon
against systems resistance keeping increasing,
I'd certainly not continue till some senses ignoring Westie scientist
is proving that I and others get/got damages of that.

There might be people who are mistaken, but when knowing a person
longer, it should not be that difficult to get an idea about their
accuracy.  I met people, who were also very sensitive in many other
areas, who still registered effects of smoking a joint weeks later,
while I had someone else who took LSD the first time and after 40-50
minutes looked at me with pupils like two black lakes and complained
that he does not feel any effects yet. And I noticed that he is not
very sensitive in many other areas, either.

And then there are people where I get the impression that they are
(?)psychosomatically causing, keeping or amplifying damages to their
systems, some knowing that they do that and others not seeming to want
to know.

I do not know if aspartame causes cancer, but I had it register
distinctly as bad for my systems and that I must not eat too much of
it, and that the more I eat the more dangerous it might get. 

Personally I do not understand why some people take stuff where my
systems basically immediately warn me not to take that, and then later
complain when they get damages.
If forcing down something where the own systems do not like it for
some reason, it is my experience that usually there is something to
Some stuff is more along the line that my systems are not used to it.
Like I ate some honey where already smell warned me, and it felt
Not like serious poison warning, but like my belly not really being
comfortable with it.
I wondered from what plant the honey might be, and read that it was
some stuff from some plant from other place, not sure anymore where,
but believe it was New Zealand.
I just remember that I commented to some friend that it was no wonder
I had a bit of trouble with that one, since my ancestors likely did
not have enough time to get used to that. And that I wondered if
humans with ancestors from there had less trouoble with that sort of
honey and might have more with one to do with a plant from here not
naturally growing there.
Pumpkin pie in Northern America was one where I liked it but got
internal whatever that I should not eat too much of it, maybe because
I was not used to pumpkins.  

Maybe if people would listen to what their systems tell them about
stuff then afterwards they would have less trouble.

Also maybe you make the mistake to believe that all is the same for

If some friends of mine drink alcohol, I drink alcohol or someone from
Japan drinks alcohol, for my perception that is not the same.

I heard that there are people with stuff in their blood different in
Africa who have less trouble with Malaria.

And a rumour that Red Indians had trouble with measles.

Maybe you are already making a mistake by assuming that if someone
from a different place on Earth is saying that for his systems
something is registering as dangerous, that you are calling that crap,
even IF you had proven that for your own genetic close relations that
is not so dangerous.

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