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Recapitulation of Steps to Do-It-Yourself AI

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Mar 23 17:55:17 EST 1999

Jason Cordes aka Jae/jaebear/bagherra at my-dejanews.com wrote:

> I've never posted here before, but I wanted to share
> my idea of implementing research to application.
*>Why would we model the way a grown brain thinks, when
> all we would get is an emulation of what we think we think?
> Wouldn't it be better to simulate growth cycles by giving
> the machine information the way we give children information?
> That way the machine would be "learning" instead of
> being given instinct (basically an expert database).
> It just seems more logical to do it that way.  [...]

> Bagherra <jaebear at frenzy.com>
> http://www.frenzy.com/~jaebear  [...]

http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7256/pdai.html DIY AI:

  /^^^^^^^^^^^\ Mind-grid Arrays{ } in Robot PDAI /^^^^^^^^^^^\
 /visual memory\                   _________     /  auditory   \
|      /--------|---------\       / LANG-UK \   |   memory      |
|      |  recog-|nition   |       \_________/---|-------------\ |
|   ___|___     |         | flush-vector|       |   ________  | |
|  /image  \    |     ____V_        ____V__     |  /        \ | |
| / percept \   |    /psi{ }\------/ uk{ } \----|-/ ear{ }   \| |
| \ engrams /---|---/concepts\----/ lexicon \---|-\ phonemes /  |
|  \_______/    |   \________/    \_________/   |  \________/   |

*  When you were a child  and  you were like the boy Isaac Newton
walking on the seashore, you discovered minor challenges for your
mind.   While  your  ancestors  had  long since  emerged from the
primordial ooze,  you, impelled by the "wandering" idea contained
in  the word  "planet,"  were  dimly  following  the  negentropic
principle of escape to the stars by making rockets.

   As you grew up,  you searched farther and wider for challenges
worthy of your intellect.   You experienced  the "gravitation" of
strong intellects towards eternal mysteries:
      - the oldest things (paleontology; cosmogony);
      - the smallest things (particle physics);
      - the largest things (Heavy Metals; universes = ASTRONOMY);
      - the most complex things (ecosystems; organisms; brains).
Like Alexander weeping for no more worlds to conquer, you matured
and knocked down all the challenges that life had set up for you.

   What to do?   Take up  river-rafting?   Prove through your own
oeuvre that  "The Great Gatsby"  has been prematurely regarded as
The Great American Novel?   Live through your children?    Freeze
your body for resurrection when more exciting times have arrived?

   You are like the marauder in "Lawrence  of  Arabia," rummaging
among  the  train  wreckage  and  shrieking,  "Is  there  nothing
honorable in this place?"

   You seek meaning in life, but here are sands, ignoble things.

   Bored out of your wits, reading each astronomy magazine but no
longer feeling  the intense and awesome challenges of youth,  you
drift towards the mass of men leading lives of quiet desperation.

   But there is a GRAND CHALLENGE taunting you  and your species,
uttered by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

      Nunmehr werden jene  Auserkornen,  vor denen  die Ahnung
      einer solchen Pflicht aufzudaemmern beginnt, den Versuch
      machen,  ob sie ihr wie als ihrer groessten Gefahr nicht
      noch "zur rechten Zeit"  durch irgend einen Seitensprung
      entschluepfen  moechten:  zum Beispiel  indem  sie  sich
      einreden,  die Aufgabe sei schon geloest,  oder sie  sei
      unloesbar,  oder sie haetten keine Schultern fuer solche
      Lasten,  oder sie seien schon mit andern,  naeheren Auf-
      gaben ueberladen,  oder selbst diese  neue ferne Pflicht
      sei eine Verfuehrung und Versuchung, eine Abfuehrung von
      allen Pflichten, eine Krankheit, eine Art Wahnsinn.

which means:

      Now those Chosen Ones,  who begin to see the dawn of such
      a duty, will attempt to see whether they may still escape
      as if from their greatest danger by jumping aside "at the
      right time":  for example, by telling themselves that the
      problem has  already  been solved, or it is not solvable,
      or they did not have shoulders for such burdens,  or they
      were already overloaded with other,  closer problems,  or
      even this new far duty is a seduction and temptation,  an
      abduction from all duties, a sickness, a kind of madness.

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