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infant stimulation: intelligence

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 24 18:29:20 EST 1999

(Maybe SKIP.)

>>> experiments in which animals (cats, usually?) 
It would fit certain folks to mess around with the vision of others.
And it also does not amaze me that different persons were kept
prisoners in different cages to then find out about 
>> > neuroanatomical (histological) and neurochemical levels
>>The more stimulation you can provide to a child,
>> the better, and the earlier you provide it, the better. 
I do not believe so.
I am glad that my parents did not push me the whole times with
stimulations, and when I once on LSD with someone's help tried a
telepathic link with an embryo what my systems told me about that 
did not point at  the more stimultion & the earlier, the better. 

>traditionally children are taught print first.  and just when they are getting the hang of it and ready to make real
>progress they are taught cursive script.  the article suggested that this
>interfered and delayed learning.  anyone have more info on this.
I learned cursive script first, and recall that around seventeen on
the board in front I tried to write print because I hoped that the
others could read that better than my handwriting, but I felt awkward
trying it and there were some comments along the line that it looked
weird. (I believe someone said that it looked like Greek letters.
Though they could read it, so I guess it was worth the try.) 

Roughly about ten years later I started to use print more than script,

but I would not have give such the importance you seem to give it.

My brother tends to use print and I do not know if he learned to write
that first.
As far as I recall when I taught him about reading at the age of five
it was print.

I estimate him to read about four times the speed I do, he can do far
more stuff parallel, he does not forget as fast and completely as I
do, and of the others in the family I always thought him to be the
most intelligent.

I do not believe that print or cursive script is that relevant.

I met a boy from France who also spoke Spanish with his mother who
reminded me of hippies when I was walking down from Real de Quatorze
in Mexico. The mother some days later at some point was crying about
having to return to France, and I believed, too, that it would have
been better for both if they could have gone on to travel.
The way they were I did not believe France a good place for them.

To travel Earth, perceive nature, learn many languages and customs and
talk to other locals and travellers I believe to be better education
than to be in artificial surroundings and have some people bugging you
how to write "U" and spell "you".

There is a book where a policeman tries to get a girl named Pippi to
(if I recall right) go into a home for children and go to school
She asks him if she can take the horse (or was it the monkey?) along,
and when tells her that not she replies that she already thought so.
At some point when trying to convince her that school is important for
learning he asks her what would happen if someone where to ask her
about the capital of Portugal, and then she keeps going on for a while
about it, something along the lines that she could write there and ask
them or might be awake at night and wonder what it might be called.
Later one she mentions something like: "By the way, I was with my
father (captain of a boat) in Lissabon."

I thought that a neat joke about some police person proud of abstract
knowledge and a sea-travellers daughter having been to different
places, having learned letters from another one on board of her
father's ship but not knowing how to spell to someone's rules but just
adding lettters so that they make the words, and being more into what
she likes for herself than into what others like for her.

I wish I had been taught more languages as a child, also about magic,
especially as a teenager, and more about what the world directly and
what is.

I do not believe that it would have made that much of a difference to
me if I had learned print as a child and before cursive script.

>regardless, i do agree that enriched environments are an advantage.  

I prefer them natural.

And where they are natural and no artificial ranges / stuff,
usually there is less cancer and a lot of other disturbances less.

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