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This is a neuroscience newsgroup!!!

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 24 18:29:57 EST 1999

(...Is it. Nerves, sinews and tendons scire.  Ever tried to think or
get far just with neuro literally? Nescio, ergo sum.
...And how groupie. :-)

> mental illness is a matter of perception, a deviation from the normal
>patterns of life. 
Here "illness" translates to "Krankheit", which you might get via
bacteria, virus stuff or the like.
I did not get what the normal patterns of life are for you, but that
must be becauase here many decided to destroy them, and there is
hardly a place left where there is not a sign of any changes to
natural normal patterns of life left.  
Doubt that there are even just ten square kilometers here left.

But even if there were I am not sure what for you are the normal
patterns of life, but maybe that is because individuals of many kinds
are so different, that I might have trouble to comprehend what is
normal for that individual.

But my subatomic ranges power is so bad, that that might have a lot to
do with it.  Maybe if I could perceive subatomically better, I'd
understand better about different systems and their correlations.

> You would all adapt your mode of thinking if you lived in a different culture, 
>it's called self survival. 
For my self areas to survive I do not necessarily need to alter just
because I live in some different culture, but with some cultures it
helps to avoid problems with people.
If not wishing to alter  it can help tp tell them why you do what you
do or to be pretty far beyond cultures or so autistically on an own
course, that others do get that you are different from them 
and that there is little point in expecting you to go their ways.

If not living too long in another culture, it might be sufficient to
alter a few behaviours and not necessarily much in the own areas.

But I was never good in perceiving self areas, and those who actually
can perceive self areas are so freaking rare and are often so far off
more average human, that I guess on a level such discussions might be
more interesting when having some of them discussing it with each
other, than folks headblind for the own area guessing about them.

>In fact some wouldn't even notice that they were doing it, teenagers do it all the time. That's why Hitler was
>only seen as mad ' after' the event and not during. ( make what you like of
O.K., an old joke.

Hitler is in a flying airplane and wants to see the destructions done
in England. 
They fly over a badly bomb-damaged city, and Hitlers remarks with
satisfaction: "We really gave it to the Brits." 
"Psst, Hitler," says Goering, "this is just Hamburg."

And another from Iraq some years ago:

Several presidents come in front of God's Throne and for all he gets
up and shakes hands with them. Only with Saddam Hussein he stays
seated.  Afterwards an angel asks him why he did not get up for him.
"Was worried the bloke might try to get onto my seat."

Some people realize some stuff very well, but do not want to get a
head shorter.

USies are also not exactly falling over themselves to return occupied
land to Red Indians and not even to find out how many would like
independent own lands, nor fall over themselves to stop someone
parking his cigarettes in weird places from murdering people in the
capital of others who did not attack what some might call Red Indian
land occupied by the attackers.

A lot of people prefer to keep out of too much trouble till they are
in a lot of trouble, and even then they might still prefer to believe
that it could get worse and that they are not really out for the
strain of working and maybe risking much for changing much.

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