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Fw: How do Humans Perceive Simultaneous Sounds?

F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 25 22:31:57 EST 1999

I would agree that neither the theory nor the remediation should be
stretched to cover all subgroups of dyslexics.  It is my understanding
that Gail Bedi's presentation at my conference will be a critical
appraisal--although using the procedure, she is not a flack for it.

F. LeFever

In <7ddb8v$5e4$1 at mozo.cc.purdue.edu> jnt at expert.cc.purdue.edu (Jeffrey
Torp) writes: 
>flefever at ix.netcom.com(F. Frank LeFever) writes:
><snipped bunch of stuff>
>>Paula Tallal has studied this in relationship to individual
>>in  temporal resolution, for many years, and has related poor
>>resolution to impaired language abilities underlying at least one
>>of dyslexia.  She can assess this ability by presenting clicks or
>>tones (or even visual stimuli) with very brief separations.  Children
>>who need separations much longer than 40-50ms to tell the difference
>>between one and two clicks are at risk for dyslexia.
>>(It turns out that, contrary to prior suspicions about "poor
>>ability", their sequencing is OK if interals are long enough for them
>>to distinguish two events.)
>>A lit search using "au: Tallal, Paula" should put you in touch with
>>relevant research.
>If you are going to read Tallal's 'stuff' you might also want to 
>check out Michael Studdert-Kennedy as he has some (IMHO correct)
>apprehensions about her interpretation of her findings.  This is
>particularly relevant because there is a 'remedial training technique'
>being touted as the next best thing for all sorts of
>impairments, not just dyslexia. BTW, much of Tallal's application of
>findings to 'dyslexic' children suffers from her lack of a clear,
>operational definition of dyslexia.  I do think her findings are
>I am just a bit wary about the whole FastForward (tm) phenomenon and
>way it is marketed as the best intervention for a multitude of
>phonological problems.  My .02 cents. I've assumed you have alluded to
>FastForward below: 
>n>Incidentally, someone using a remedial training technique which grew
>>out of this research will be one of the speakers at the New York
>>Neuropsychology Group's 20th annual conference, May 8, at New York
>>University Med Ctr: "Neuropsychology and Treatment: After Testing,
>Jeffrey Torp
>jnt at expert.cc.purdue.edu

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