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Re: UFOs "abductions" are imaginary:Bertrand Méheust

John johnhkm at netsprint.net.au
Fri Mar 26 23:36:34 EST 1999

Didn't some neurologist in Britain claim a few years ago that he could
induce UFO abductions experiences  via magnetic field stimulation of the
temporal lobes? Is this the equivalent of watching too much TV? Sorry to be
so vague, but I'm sure this was reported.

Waiting for Abduction. Where do I go?

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>In article <7dfkop$b6j$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com>,
>  patanie at my-dejanews.com wrote:
>> Here are 2 important references for those naive and immature Anglo-Saxons
>> continue to believe in "extraterrestrial" "abductions" :
>> References:
>> Bertrand Méheust, qui fut l’un des précurseurs de l’anthropologie des
>> extraterrestres:
>>  1.Science-fiction et soucoupes volantes, Paris, Mercure de France, 1978
>> (Science-fiction and Flying Saucers,Mercure de France editor,Paris 1978.)
>>  2.En soucoupes volantes. Vers une ethnologie des récits d’enlèvements,
>> Paris, Imago, 1992.
>> (Aboard Flying Saucers. Towards an Ethnology of abductees'stories.
>>  Imago editor,Paris 1992,France)
>I'm assuming these references deal with the neurobiology of UFO beliefs in
>some way, perhaps? Or is it more like the neuropsychology of imagination.
>Has anybody compared the fMRI's of X-files watchers versus nonwatchers.
>there is relevance to Brodmann's area 51 ;-)
>Scott Chase
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