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Conscious Dreaming (glossary of the week)

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Mon Mar 29 21:54:39 EST 1999

Conscious Dreaming  http://dog.net.uk/claude

Glossary of the week:

Conscious dream: A dream into which we retain the same Consciousness as we
            have during the waking time.

Normal dream: A dream quality where our waking type of consciousness is
         fragmented,like in schizophrenia.

Oneiric:synonymous for dream

MHV Memory: A discontinuous type of Memory

MCV Memory: A continuous type of Memory

Informationnal object:a virtual dream(oneiric)object

Attenuator:A system which,normally,attenuates our recalls,when awake.
           This system is turned on while we are awake and turned off while
       we dream.
Attenuated image:a mental image containing a low amount of information,like
             recalls we make during our waking time.

Disattenuated image:an image containing a high amount of information,like
              the image of a movie,for example.

MHV domain: an area of Memory which stores homologuous patterns

MCV box:a virtual 4 d imaginary space-time,such as found in dream stories.

SAC(Consciousness Activating System):A neural system of which the function
                                is to make us conscious,aware.
SBEM:A neural system which blocks our muscles when dreaming.This is why,for
 example,if your walk in a dream you do not walk in your bed or your      room
because you are,in fact,paralysed!

Pixel: a small element of information absent from the

For example if,in a dream,you are talking to a bear without fully recognising
that such a thing is impossible it is because a certain amount of information
which makes you aware,while awake,that bears do not talk is absent from your
dream mind.This amount of information,SUBSTRACTED from your dream
consciousness is a pixel.

That's it for this week!

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