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Re: UFOs "abductions" are imaginary:Bertrand Méheust

John johnhkm at netsprint.net.au
Tue Mar 30 18:43:28 EST 1999

F. Frank LeFever wrote in message <7dpe9j$c5i at dfw-ixnews3.ix.netcom.com>...
>In <7dmm70$2dp$1 at nnrp1.dejanews.com> hemidactylus at my-dejanews.com

>Someone posted a response saying Persinger had elicited
>responses/experiences suggestive of UFO-abduction-type mentation by
>magnetic stimulation of temporal lobe.  I know Persinger has written on
>the subject, but I have a vague impression that he did not do actual
>TMS; not a STRONG impression--could someone cite an article?  (In
>Perceptual Motor Skills? his usual venue)

I first raised this stating I thought it was a British neurologist and
someone suggested Persinger, but I still think it was a British chap. This
was a newspaper report from many years ago so I cannot ref.

Strange stuff this temporal lobe e. Dostoevsky, the Russian novelist,
claimed that he did his best writing just before the onset of seizures,
describing this period as one of luminosity and clarity, as if his mind was
on fire (it was!). Richard Restak, in The Brain has a Mind of Its Own, p.
10, states the deja vu is also associated with TLe and cites Dostovesky's
"The Idiot":

... The sense of life, the consciousness of self, were multiplied almost ten
times at these moments which last no longer than a flash of lightning. His
heart and mind were flooded with extraordinary light; all his uneasiness,
all his doubts, all his anxieties were relieved at once ... "

Sounds like a peak experience. Note the time description.

That sad Russian dude had TLe himself so the above is autobiographical.
Incidentally, that such experiences arise from illness or can be
artificially induced does not, in itself, make these experiences illusory in
all circumstances, but I still don't believe a word of it.

Why are so many artists sick puppies?

Give me a bone,


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