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a prediction confirmed

kenpc at banet.net kenpc at banet.net
Tue Mar 30 18:22:33 EST 1999

Cijadrachon wrote:

> kenpc at banet.net wrote:
> >As for your "queries", I sent you a copy of AoK.
> Could you not send publish it here like some others asked before?

the only electronic form I have is in an old DOS hypertext form... i've been expecting
"any day now", for years, that i'd receive the opportunity to redo the doc in a
more-current form.

> > And kindly, if you expect me to respond to anything more that you post,
> >stick concisely to the point, without circumlocution.
> I forgot how much you tend to stick to the point with conciseness.

Your point is superficially well-taken, but everything i've posted has has lean and
concise purpose, and i'll continue in that way. The "Beast", Abstract Ignorance (absence
of understanding of how nervous systems process information in nervous systems which,
nevertheless, "process information" automatically), must be addressed in language that
chips away at its invisibility. That's what i do.

> >In the present circumstance such is unthinkably offensive.
> What why?

What: a man is walking in the dark near a cliff; desperate attempts are made to warn him
of the danger; the desperate attempts to warn him of the danger are countermanded by
thrid parties; the man stumbles over the cliff and perishes.

Why [now]: substitute "Yugoslavia"  for the man in the analogy... it's a sorrow-time...
a time to find within ourselves resolve born of tragic realizations. [substitute, "two",
Northern Ireland, and Indonesia, and Pakistan and India, and China and Taiwan, and the
still-ravaged millions in Africa, and those suffering in Iraq, and, in general, the long
hoped for Peace being "moved away from" (AoK, Ap4,5,7,8) through "Beast's" victims'
having pursued false finitizations (AoK, Ap4).]


> > and it's almost too late with respect to the "USSR"... thousands of nucs, and all.
> That one has been worrying me for a while as well.
> And not just because of the instability there, but because I can't
> exclude that if out for money someone might sell a few of them.

yes. but the ominous thing is that the "USSR" hovers ever more closely on the brink of
the same, society-wide low-level supersystem configurations that have taken over in
"Yugoslavia". when they occur, the low-level supersystem configurations honor nothing...
they are all blind rage, and the awesome reality of the nucs won't even be experienced
as anything other than the means to rage's end.

and the "Beast" rolls on the floor laughing at its "power" over folks of good will as it
twists their good will to its savage, anarchic "plan".

and all around, there's only the silence which worships the "Beast".

it's a sorrow-time. k. p. collins

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