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neurological research should not be used against human beings

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Mar 29 08:35:38 EST 1999


"Mojmir Babacek" <mbabacek at iol.cz> wrote:


I noticed that when I once posted among other thingies what I count to
be mind sectors and what not, that none of the neuros was far enough
to contradict or confirm.
However apart from trivial stuff like that,
I wish, too, that they'd get intelligent enough at some point to
understand more about who else might all be interested in energy data
about the brain on Earth, what it might be used for in the future, and
to spend some thoughts on why they are doing to persons of other races
what they are doing, as the feeble excuse that the own race is of more
value and someone of it needs help at the costs of persons of other
races was thrown over board by many who no longer find it necessary to
have any pretenses about the data greed they want to satisfy, be it at
the costs of persons of other races or individuals of future

Imagine a sense censored monkey parroting "scire, scire, scire!" 
while cutting around in the brains of other monkeys 
and giving range data to the possessor who brainwashed him as a child,
who is waiting with a bunch of physics experts and satellites for the
results of energy measurings,
who lives of the money he makes,
and who gave him a possession marker to show when asked about the own

>Joseph C. Sharp was employed on the project Pandora of the American Navy, officially
>designed to research of the radiofrequency radiation emitted on the American Embassy in Moscow
>from the 60s until the begining of 80s.  At the Walter Reed Army Institute he improved the
>method of A. Frey to the point that he transmitted into his brain words which he could
What ranges via what distances into which areas of the brain?

> Patrick Flanagan.... neurophone, the invention which made it
>possible for deaf people to hear (31). The device converts sound into electrical impulses that
>propagate along the skin into the brain. 
As deaf people might be deaf for different reasons, and I do not get
the detail of how electric impluses propagating along the skin are
supposed to be converted into syllables, words and sentences making
meaning to me in the brain,
I would not mind a more explicit explanation concerning that one,
either, and about mentioned emitted radiofrequency waves for that,
and concerning the sending through earth and water.

> Patrick Flanagan was forbidden from conducting further
>research or even talking about his technology (...)
Then again, if this should be true, I am not sure how far it would be
from there to sending advertisings more targeted into my brain and
going brain-range-spamming me from several satellites and ground
stations at once.
I find the artificial terror that is sent into my systems bad enough
without brain range ads forced into me, too.

People can forbid other people a lot a long time, and it is likely to
be the more effective the more obey them, and less and less fight back
for their freedom.

>Alaska, USA, 1996). In the accompanying text to his patent P. Flanagan
>also writes: "The present invention involves discovery that certain electromagnetic
>waves induce reponses in the nervous system of mammals... 
After several thousands of years of magic and telepathy, who would
have thought so.

>"Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the
>range of 100 MHz to 10.000 MHz that are modulated with particular waveform." 
Sounds like being of interesting health degree?

> J. F. Schapitz stated: "In this investigation it will be
>shown that the spoken word of hypnotist may also be conveyed by
>modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconcscious parts of the human brain 
Which ones exactly are supposed to be subconscious areas?
Sounds like B.S. to me.  Not the bit with modulating some energies for
different perception in areas of the brain, but that THE subconscious
stuff. With the input control stuff I'd first want some magic experts
and some labelled "autists" with high sequencer segregating powers to
judge that, as I myself do not understand enough about such.

> Later, not knowing they were being irradiated they
>would be subjected to information beams suggesting the answers to the questions they had
>left blank, amnesia for some of their correct answers and memory falsification of their
>correct answers. After 2 weeks they had to pass the test again.The results of those experiments were
>never published. 
Maybe because the bit about the information beams did not work out
well and maybe the differences between the akasha of brains was not
taken into consideration enough?
Or because afterwards people talked with others when they were
wondering what the results were, and that way found out more?

>. A rapidly scanning RFR system  could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a
>large area. System effectiveness will be a function of wave form, field intensity, pulse width,
>repetition frequency, and carrier frequency."
Not to forget tuning capacities.

... Somehow reminds me of the one where someone made fun of Enterprise
stuff and said that the med-thingie they use there to shut openings in
skin with might also be used in hospitals, but likely would be far
more spread for privte use to seal people's mouth and arse shut, etc.
He then went on about people in the future likely still being
egocentric, nerds, dumb, after the own comfort and fun and caring
pretty little about others, and went off about what he would 
all do with beaming and other technical stuff; was pretty hilarious.

As Ken says, children are important, and as I keep saying, the
education systems should be adapted more to magic education systems,
as many of those were or are aiming at having people deal with power
without going too egocentric  and disturbing too much.

Westies stopped the killing and plundering of others a while ago, and
the riches they got from it are not going to let them play First World
in the universe forever and a day, and when the others who were never
stupid enough to burn carriers of magic data of thousands of years
reach enough understanding about what was just mentioned, the age is
likely to begin, where magic and technology are mixed.

I just hope the education will have altered enough that this won't be
too much of a problem.

If Westies were good in magic, a lot of the questions alone in this
room would not be here, and as long as they do not understand magic,
it is like someone blind shooting with spray cans at artists pictures.

In other words if neurology is just going on like now to provide
energy results for people to mess in the brain with artificial ranges
and are just working on mind control over their ancestors and younger
ones maybe also the own, 
the way they do now, it does not worry me as much as the idea that
within decades people of lands with a very high magic reputation here
might start to understand where Westie technology is and recombine
that with magic data.

The mere thought of a telepath able to send, perceive and kill for
hundreds of kilometers getting the hang of how to make physical
devices better is scary, and not so much because I'd distrust him, but
those who were never trained for immense power 
and come from cultures with a reputation to abuse it.

So far it escapes me also why neurology is not more worried about the
sort of data they are providing others with, 
don't know if they think the own hippocampus and other areas are more
immune than the ones they slice around in for targetted energy
alterations, or if they prefer not to think at all and just go
babbling scire, scire,  as if it had never occured to them for what
others would like more knowledge.

>     And what happens when an external electromagnetic frequency is
>applied to the brain? 
Depends on the range, most of the artificial ones are unhealthy.

>...we can always bypass the physical perception by electromagnetic signals
>which will produce, in the brain, the same electrophysiological events
>as would be produced by the perception.

That is not bypassing my physical perception, as akasha is akasha, and
anything is of akasha.

But I guess you are sense censored and that is why to you it seems
like bypassing the physical perception.

If you were to want to produce the same signals like my own akasha
has, how do want to generate the same  without the same?

> It means the events in the brain can be produced
>"synthetically" from the outside.

THE events in THE brain. 

I don't feel like commenting that.

>... it was another brain area which resonated with the electromagnetic signals 
>and so the feeling of severe buffeting on the head or pins and needles sensation was induced.

Interesting terms to describe causing minor damages to other brains.

> the intent of the project should be to collect electromagnetic waves 
>emanating from the brain and to transmit them into another brain that would
>read a person's  thoughts or to use the same procedure in order to impose somebody else's thoughts
>on another person's brain and in this way direct his actions.


Let me guess, whoever came up with the was short of zero in telepathic

> then it is not impossible to find the thoughts frequencies.

After several thousand years of telepathy research, who would have
thought so.

Actually sometimes it is hard to tune the way in another brain to not
get in ranges of the other I , and it took me some training to get to
where I can target for part of someone's shareware and leave the
ranges of the other one and private ranges pretty much tuned out.

> From the layman's point of view the most difficult task is to pick up the brain

With someone cooperating in front of me with us on LSD with a lot not

Tricky part is more that brains are different in structures and sector
cooperations and ranges.

To link brain energies is not that tricky, but to alter structures in
both sides for more systems compatibility can take a while ...  ;-)

>     At the end of 1994 the first tests of the most powerful radar
>system in the world were carried out in Alaska.  (...) ability to heat the ionosphere and
>in this way change its altitude. By this kind  of manipulation of the ionosphere  it is
>possible to bounce the electromagnetic waves back from the ionosphere to whichever region on
>the planet.

>(till...) develop the application of the system for the earth penetrating tomography. 

Not enough disharmonies and climate trouble caused already by humans
on Earth?

Someone said that we already managed to change Earth vibes,
and I do not know if they want to go on to dig out stuff like mad
moles till they got harmonies here destroyed forever or if they figure
they already did it and some more won't be likely to do more than risk
more disharmonies maybe also with stuff in space,  
or if some in their greed prefer to not think at all.

> to basic moral and political values of the American society

Odd, here we believe that there are many societies in America, though
there were many from Europe killing people there and claiming land of

Those societies here have the reputation to have many differences
between them.

> Since it is difficult for them to imagine that the American Society would
>accept the ethical and political revolution that would deprive the citizen of his privacy

They could try with USies, they like to give fingerprints for driving
licences, have I-area altering drugs shot in people, drug children
with class-II-drugs, imprison people for doing with their own body as
they want, and have some alpha animal befitting a hoard of occupiers
of land who so far did not even seem to find it appropriate to discuss
the return of a small areas to the entirely independent control to
those who had members of their societies shot in the past by
occupiers. They are used to being trackable with social security
cards, have blood control done to them, and if you tell them you need
cameras on the streets for the police to prevent bad bad crime, that
you need satellite control for the police to be better in the war on
drugs, meaning the war on people doing with themselves as they want,
you might have good chances there.

Just tell them that they are the greatest and best nation of the
world, and since most of them don't even speak one language fluently
anyway to understand more about what is going on on the word, in that
horror cabinet you have a good chance that they won't say much.

They are used to artificial ranges going through them, have beep-beep
devices on vehicles going backwards as it is declared O.K. to plague
sensitive people with that as someone blind used to listening might
overhear the noise of one of them and the driver be too dumb to look,
are used to intelligence tests most little kiddies would pass faster
than me on lighters as little kiddies can not possibly be educated by
parents concerning dealing with fire, and if you tell them that the
same as people cannot be expected to perceive a vehicle going
backwards and the driver cannot be expected to watch first and parents
cannot be expected to teach children about lighters like they do in
other cultures, so that safety measures are important, if you tell
them that some more safety measures are important, as long as you go
bitsy by bitsy they might not do that much against it.

Or at least of all the American cultures I guess that there you'd
have a good chance that they might even pay with their own money taken
from them and called taxes for being controlled even better.
They are trained enough that if you ask them for their identity, they
might give one given to them; the rest should not be that hard.

(Sorry, I just felt like primitive orcing.
Here in the Realm of the Grumps most did not learn much from the past
and others, either.)

> they develop a scenario of events which
>would lead the American political leaders to back this revolution.
>     The scenario is placed into the year 2000  and is based on the
>situation of growing terrorism, drug trafficking and criminality: 

What I said, bad, bad people doing to their body what they want, and
buying and selling stuff for it, and therefore, instead of a good
health education and inner education towards heeding balances and not
tromping around egocentrically, 
better everybody assents to having stuff recorded and altered
concerning his brain in the future.
Who does not assent has bad luck, as democracy stands for some ganging
up on others and declaring land of Earth and all on it to be their
possession and under their rule.
Who does not like it, can pack his stuff and move out, if his is not
stuck into a cage first or some institution and got drugs into his
brain declared possession of others first 
and does not have the finances for leaving anymore.

(Hitchhiking in many places of course often being forbidden there, as
who sits in your car is not your decision but that of your owners.)

>it was necessary to rethink (...) manipulating the minds of (...) potential enemies

If I were stinking rich and they weren't, 
the thought would up-sneak to offer a brilliant schooling system there

that also has Tao, internal and external balances, thinking yourself
into others, several languages, understanding about many cultures etc,
on the list, and other peace stuff, and should enable the young minds
good careers at home or in the world if that is what they are after,
no fee whatsoever for the parents.
Some exchange programs, a little computer with internet access,
and the potential enemy might be a potential friend,
or get so busy haning in the internet,
that given the choice to actually leave the computer for several days
to go and hassle others physically instead of via e-mail might seem
rather disgusting; even more the thought of a bomb into ones files.

>As well, if the United States in mid eighties were capable to eavesdrop telephonic and
>other communications around the world, why would not they be able to read minds or impose
>thoughts on whichever person in the world whose brain frequencies they will be able to
>determine, in the year 2000.

Because, apart from obvious differences in brains, they are tending to
raise children to be sense censored and tend to limit themselves to
verbal but not to telepathic contact.
The use if some of the most powerful telepathic drugs is tried to be
prevented with force, LSD sometimes even declared lethal, though I
want to see the one who after taking a few dozen trips still is even
able to get motorics to find more trips and get them down into the
stomach and keep them there, till reaching lethal dosage.  
(Never heard of anyone dying of LSD overdosage. 
But you basically fall over magic and telepathy on the stuff.
What horror for Christians against someone finding out that it does
not need a God to generate a yellowish halo around the head and work
as a healer like Jesus did.)
When someone was sense censored as a baby, likely loads of axon and
other stuff will sort of decay, if not learning telepathy as a child,
again many capacities might be lost forever, if a young woman is not
learning it in the magic high time as a young teenager, again a lot of
capacities might be lost, so if someone who might already even be past
his twenties and was living sense censored all his life, is finally
opening his senses, likely he'dd never get that far, 
and if he is past 50 cancer risks might be very high when going for
transcending stages without having learned to avoid tuning to
according artificial ranges.

In other words even if some military or other bloke who is sense
censored would decide that he wants to cripple around using artificial
ranges, he'd likely never get as far in understanding thought
perceiving and altering as maybe one whose parents telepathically
communicated with him as an embryo, baby and child.

Year 2000, meaning next year, won't give him back what his parents let
get crippled in him.

> the authors return to reality.

That's fine.

Then they no doubt noticed that the subatomic speeds of thinking are
quite fast. And that even if you just link with one brain parallel 
and already altered quite some structures on each side for more
compatability, there are so many differences still, 
concerning genetics, structures, ranges and sector cooperations,
that you just might understand a fraction of what is going on in the
other brain.

>they do not mention the fact that this technology can be used for murders
>that could not ever be proved in the court.
Magic is old enough and the similarity high enough that I do not
believe that this needs to be mentioned.

> To master this kind of civilization crisis 
>would require the further  tightening of the totalitarian regime
>which could have for effect the gradual decline of the civilization.
Several logic errors.

But apart from that no one into sane stuff would want civilization, so
who cares for the latter.

> On January 1999 the European Parliament  passed a resolution
>where it (in paragraph 27) calls "for an international convention introducing a
>global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of
>manipulation of human beings".

As all humans tend to have telepathic powers and therefore would fall
under that  I guess we all have to move from the globe into space.

I am sure the others there will be delighted to have us mess around
there, too.

I guess the advantage is that when this plague of a race is off the
planet, though we likely disturbed the harmonies of Earth forever, for
a long time the planet has time to recover a bit, and maybe the next
race getting far enough will realize why the European parliament was
so wise as to make a global ban for the development of all weapons
which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings, 
in other words getting human embryos and giving birth to them on Earth
and having any humans on Earth.

Then they can also ban their potential danger for the globe from the
globe and coe up to us in space, so that from there we can watch the
world developing without as dangerous insane races as us endangering
others sanity/health and Earth's harmonies, 
or they can try to find a way to live without being bad for each other
and the planet. A lot of the other races are not as violent and brutal
as humans, so maybe without us interfering they could get much further
in harmonic development and after many hundreds of millions of years
maybe also fix some of the many damages we left to Earth.


>     On the leaflet of an American corporation (we will not name it
>since we do not support the dissemination of those weapons) we read: "Ever want to forcibly, yet
>secretly project YOUR THOUGHTS into another people-or animals as an ovepowering EM
>signal?.Range is about 50 feet. Portable, battery operated." 

50 feet? On LSD I could send part of my brain energies further than

But then again on LSD so far I did not get how to send my thoughts
into a spider, ant, snail, worm or generally any being 
without a cholinergic limbic systems  where I would not know 
how to project so they can make the conversions.

So I guess a way to secretly project my thoughts 
into an animal without a cholinergic limbic system  
about 16m away  ever so inconspicuously 
with a portable battery operated device 
is sounding like an efficient way 
to spend money 
and enrich other people.

Impressive weapon.

Don't they have something to transcend through walls, discern and
blast up devices or beings in neighbouring flats
and other places preferably not just 50 feet way
but maybe from here to anyplace on Earth?

That might be worth a buck or two.

A device to seek out e-mailers by typing in their e-address,
locking in on them, their flat and working site
sure would sell pretty well in addition.

>  We believe in the victory of the common sense.

Which common sense is that?

The same one with which with mentioned device I can project my
thoughts into a tape worm or any other animal in range?


> It is our conviction that only the global prohibition of the use of this technology under the
>international surveillance can prevent the crisis of the civilization which would result from the continuing
>use of this technology. 

Reminds me of some people wanting to prohibit alcohol in Norway 
(or was it Sweden?)

And civilization folks coming to people not into 
the destroying of nature, unnatural living and sense censoring of
civilized people's civilizations,
and trying to tell them that they must get civilized, abuse nature,
wear clothes in the rain forest, and stop magic
and turn Christian & sense censored.

As you might have noticed the attempts of Christians here even via
killing to get people not to use their senses and stay off magic did
not completely work, as there are those who do not regard themselves
as the possessions of others wanting to rule them.
As you might have also noticed here it was not that much custom that
the carriers of magic knowledge killed each other, and in some other
places even less.

If the stuff would bother you for real, you would rather want people
trained out in magic and technology till everybody here can zoom into
everybody and the general idea comes up that it is simply impolite to
intrude where you are not wanted, and that if you intrude too often in
the wrong places you might decease rather impressively.

Children are very important, as Ken noticed, and maybe you should
rather busy yourself with the education of those to come, then trying
to get some powerhungry nerds to care.

Many neuros could have someone next to them trying to program a
satellite for hippocampal and other energy ranges of themselves, and
would go on researching and publishing the ranges.

If their branch was into understanding thought reading and
influencing, instead of stupidity displays at ASSC and other meetings
and going on about abusing persons of other races and then applauding,
they'd be busy to test out direct own thought area telepathic links,
a lot of the brain energy data would be transferred directly like is
custom in and between many other branches of Earth researching the
and maybe some of the Westie sense enhancers would be researched, 
so that when meeting with semi-colleagues from other branches using
others, there might be an interesting exchange of according data, too,
like now starting to become more custom between magic branches from
here and India and other places.

Neurology is a branch wanting to be sense censored, and opposite to
nearly all mind researchers of Earth standing out with not going for
telepathic data exchange.

Maybe you could impress telepaths with what you are saying, because
they are aware enough of how many powers a trained human can have in
others. But to go to people ...  who are sense censored,
do not even bother to offer telepathic teaching in their training and
making a distinct point that they are not wishing telepathic contacts
with other brains like so many other mind researchers of other
branches do,  and who are a lot into stuff to do with artificial
ranges and the brain, and are abusing persons of other races because
they are so nicely similar to the own race in so many aspects, ...
and then going on that their data might be or is abused against
persons, to me sounds pretty futile.

You might have noticed that most magic branches want nothing to do
with neuro and neuro nothing to do with most magic branches,
while magic branches of Earth are currently exchanging data amounts
that are fascinating.
There is data of thousands of years of magic mental research streaming
together from different peoples, data about the sense enhancers of
Earth streaming together,
recombinations or data and sense enhancers that are fascinating,
and nearly all branches even the slightest bit into telepathy are
tending to be into that.

It is little chance that a Westie branch doing such gross deeds to our
mammal relatives is so distinctly excluded and excluding itself from
humanities data about telepathy going together in this age.

maybe you would be more efficient if you were trying to dock into the
magic nets of Earth and go on about your stuff, as there are many who
find it annoying enough that there are so many artificial ranges
blocking human telepathic communication ranges, and would not mind if
the whole satellite crap was removed and people would stop sending
their Rambo and handy babbling through them, and one could finally
open up the senses again and the magic nets would be ways more freed
I doubt that many would be out for Westies to start to send more and
more straight on brain ranges, as there are already enough ranges
blocked as it is, and it is strainging enough as it is to have a
half-way decent telepathic communication without getting fried.

Here we are far enough that enlightenment would mean severe health
risks due to artificial ranges.
The young people usually get not even taught anymore what
enlightenment is, as nature is to destroyed anyway 
and upwards kilometers are densely crammed artificial ranges 
and reflecting in the sky like a layered barriers shield 
shielding us off communication with others in space.

It is the choice of most Westies to be sense censored, to not take
part in galactic communications, to get metals and other substances
out of Earth and destroy her and natures harmonies, and live
as you noticed.

I do not get your point of going to civilized people and tell them
that you fear mind control, like some Christians being scared of local
magicians and threating them with death if they go on, as if that
would help to stop magic.

I predict you that most of them won't care.
They want to be sense censored and teach their students accordingly
and others with transfer powers want them to be sense censored, 
so so far neuros usually do not have the option to directly interface.
That of course others have been doing so for thousands of years 
and that some might be delighted to get technical powers 
and range and detail precision on top 
and like it that they are getting data for them, is not what they are
paid to consider.

Some day they will get that with that stuff they can operate without
cutting, and then you can talk till you have foam in front of your
mouth about the dangers,
and you won't get far.

The big tricky is still inner education.


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