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The Christian Inquisitions against extra-european Sacramental Plants.

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Mar 29 08:36:27 EST 1999

(Maybe skip.)

>> Consciousness

>> the use of the magical plants
And the again it is maybe more the use of certain substances to give
more magic powers in many areas but also reduce capacities and healthy
balances as a price for that?

>>Peyote cactus
That stuff really can make crazy.  And after three times I had the
impression to already be a bit addicted to it.
But very fascinating.

>>ololiuhqui (a seed containing LSD analogues),
Any idea where I can get that, how much to take and about bad side

Is that LSD analogues or LSA?

>>... the states they produced insane
in-sane... All psychedelics I tried were unhealthy.

>>The witches flying-ointments did not enable adepts to fly through the air as has been
>>the myth, but when applied to the genital area with broomsticks, produced
>>strong and reliable hallucinations of flying during the resulting trance
>>and delirium.

Have you eveer bothered to contemplate that the average time it takes
a newie to understand telekinetics is less than an hour on some sense
enhancers with a good teacher?

So you might be right about the ointment.

Only maybe you overlooked who mainly taught magic in Europe and who
killed them and who got a centrl position in history recording.

So much for "witches".

And the same way you might overlook the real threat to the Catholic

I mean, how long does it take to teach a newie some basics concerning
some of Jesus healing powers, a few sessions on sense enhancers?
And after that he can transmit directly to any human brains wanting to
learn from him/her.

Might not give Jesus capacities but eenough to understand quite a bit
about them and that it does not need any god, whichever being they
might mean with that.

Without needing a god, as the highest voice of some God as the
Vataican you might look less impressive when talking about Jesus,
loving your next one like yourself, camels and who goes to Heaven and
stuff like that.

With some of the sense enhancers some basically fall over the yellow
magic healer ranges without even intending to, especially teenage
women. With mesc, LSD and LSD you basically fall over telepathy and
other magic areas.

It might be difficult to declare Jesus healing and others of his
powers to be of a god if the next local practicer of magic goes into
several hours or years of vibing mgaic data he suspects him to have
used into the systens of someone wanting to understand about Jesus
better, likely not just going to yellow-shiny halos while at it, 
and finishes it with some training instructions if wanting to learn
the rest.

>>The perception that drug use was ... something pre-scientific, 
Westie science is sense censored, and the use of sense enhancing and
other drugs was done long before the Catholics even started to burn
healers & practicers of magic here, 
so from that point of view it is pre-scientific.

Nearly all into magic I know are convinced that it would be utterly
wrong to teach Westie system science about magic. But if you are after
that, why don't you give some neuro-gurus a magic brain washing for
some sessions and reformat them their occipital and other systems for
magic range perception big style,
so they can go on maiming around in others and working on getting
brain control data for others ways more efficiently than now?

(If they are system sheep and go ma-a-a-ing about that their owners
forbade them certain sense enhancers, you can give them LSA or Hawaian
shrooms or other stuff that their owners did not forbid them.

If they are health freaks,
if you take LSD, stay sober for three days and then smoke a load of
hash, that, though of course extremely limited to an LSD transfer, is
still giving some neat transforming powers. Too high amounts of LSD
seem to get inner speeds too much out of synch with sober brains, but
if taking not too much, then it is still possible with some to work
that way, but I find it tricky.)

>>(...) although it was something done by nearly all tribal peoples
>>modern rational society had outgrown it 
What?!  Apart from that I know a number of people who say that within
many tribes people know each other, there is no stealing, no prisons,
no "homes" for old people and so on, and that they are better than the
mass societies of humans stocking up over each other in cities,
the "outgrowing" I do not observer here, to the opposite.
The murderings of practicers of magic have stopped and here quite some
people are at using sense enhancers again for magic 
and lots who use drugs for recreational purposes.

>>...gathered momentum in the general mind-set and philosophy of intellectuals and
>>religious authorities during the time of the colonial era.
Invade, kill people whose language and medical knowledge you don't
even bother to learn, rape people, sell people as slaves, grab their
riches, declare the land where you murdered many of them your
colony... indeed, sounds like the philosophy of intellectuals.

And "colonial era" are such neat beautifying words for it.
Reminds me of German: Gartenkolonie.

But the again German: Voelkerwanderung is also reminding of a longer
stroll and not of a hoard of pillaging people murdering part of your
family and friends and destroying homes and a lot you worked on, 
nor reminding of people(s) being driven out.

>> But the attitude soon attained the status of an obvious truth that would reign
>>unquestioned for centuries. 
Like "colonial era"? 
BTW, by today some of this society call people murdering and stealing
of others "criminals"

>> it assisted the scientific world view to slowly replace the
>>superstition of heretics and out-groups everywhere and eventually even of
>>religion itself, becoming in the process the modern equivalent of that
>>which it replaced. 

What if the Catholic Church censored senses so that people could not
perceive anymore on most ranges, started to build devices to make up
for that, eventually had enough of people drilled for belief and went
for the opposite, trying to ignore an elephant on the own foot 
till proven beyond doubt and in experiments that could be repeated 
by others  that it really existed and stood on the own foot, 
and priding themselves for the intelligence of such proven "scire"?

>>the human collective unconscious, 

Politely expressed: And where would that be in the brain?

>> the states of mind they unleash have some hitherto unsuspected, intimate and powerful
>>connection with the general psychological makeup not only of modern man,
>>but of the human race in general.

Let me guess, you studied the psychological make up of all and
therefore came to the conclusion that every MBD and other person
regardless of the genetic basics must experience 
the unleashing of states of mind of some 
>>hithertounsuspected, intimate and powerful connection with the general psychological makeup 
>>not only of modern man,
but all individual humans.

I guess I must just get male, get rid of one conscious area, get the
collective unconscious, fetch me genetic, hormone & psyche data from
over 5 billion people, learn to have psychedelics unleash states of
minds to do with the psyche instead of targetting for emotion
generators and some of their subprograms, and do some other trivial
alterations to fit the generalized description.

>>The convictions sown by nearly two millennia of Catholic dogma 
I believe we have more protestants here (apart from over 200
registered religions), and that the Catholics did not start out at the
year zero.

>> missing in mankinds understanding of himself and his place in Creation.
Dear man, what creation?
Maybe in your manhood you could get a bit more precise about who
exactly when was supposed to have created what how, then others might
know what you are talking about.

What I create is not what you create, 
and as long as there is little knowledge about where others in
universe (which might be an itsibitsy big for us to know all about)
are in creating, how am I supposed what place some kinds of men have
concerning creation?

(Do you know the German word "Ungeziefer"?
Sort of a swarm of little beings infesting a place or the planet.)

I was told something along the line that Lucifer, a being of light,
created without caring that what he created was not in harmony with
the rest, and that that was evil.

So if taking the symbol of a being of light and energy creating
without caring if what tht being creates is in harmony with the rest,
I'd say many men are Lucifering and that is their place concerning

>>The connection of drug-use with aboriginal peoples and our perception of
>>tribal man as so inferior that he cannot possibly have anything of value to
>>teach we moderns,
Which "we"s?
Are that the same WEs many USies seem to like to refer to, or do you
have a seperate load of them in France or some other place?

Now, since we are at mysterious WEings,
we (as someone from the US put it: Me, myself and I, 
though in our case of course simply being a reference to my/our 
LSD megalonia enjoying majestic selves)
here in Berlin connect with drug-use among the first places people
drugged and made addicted by psychiatrists, inhabitants of the
Wagenburgen and people in techno discos, alcoholics, junkies and some
Some also count cigarette smokers in, as given the rate of people
addicted to drugs that can kill, alcohol and cigarette caused deaths
are ranging very high.
While the numbers of deaths of H, C and other drugs are ranging
comparitively low, and deaths of poisoning oneself with psychedelics
are very very rare (and also most of them don't make that addicted,
and some are even the type where after taking them many don't want
them again for a while).

Our majestic we, when eating mesc the first time, applied the "7th
sense", good for steering "external transmitter" interpretations in
systems, the way as used to with LSD, and came to the conclusion that
some stuff did work to an extent, some stuff not, and that there were
so many differences, that it would be considerably more efficient to
have a teacher as it would take too long to find out much bout it
oneself.  Unfortunately, though I also addressed that wish out loud to
some others, I did not find any in the short time there.

I am still after akasha surfing on sense enhancers with Red Indian
practicers of magic and with interesting Asian and Australian brains,
as we here are very aware that apart from that a lot of our magic data
carriers were murdered by Christians we are also having different
specializations than other people(s) and would like to learn more
about theirs.

As some of us regarding us as part of the Indo-Germanic tribes heirs, 
India as a place where Indogermanic culture and magic knowledge met
that of Asian people(s), and as a place where religious freedom here
is rumoured to have been declared in a time while here people of the
old religion were murdered by people of the new religion,
and as there are far more magic / energy teachers as here, 
many of us leave here and go to India and several stay there.
Of those still here many play with the thought of going there or to
other places.
Lately there are also a few people from India who came here to teach
about magic knowledge, and some do not exclude that in the future
there might be also more connecting with Red Indian practicers of
We are rating Westies to be magically further back than magic teachers
here were when Catholics started murdering them.
We are rating Australian magic to know a lot about Earth energies, Red
Indian magic to know a lot about magic dreaming arts, hallucinating,
plants, stone magic, spirit communications and many other areas.
We are rating India to have some of the most impressive magic data of
Earth, and here there are many stories of telekinetics.
We are rating some islands to be of unknown magic knowledge, though
there are vague rumours about necromancy and some other areas, though
not in the form we practice such here.
We are rating ourselves to have special forms of magic brain energy
links that even if sense censored people of some Inquisition would be
in the same room with us might be used by practiced people 
for magic range data exchanges without the sense censored ones
Practicers of magic here often tend to be only perceivable if you scan
for them, there might be no outer signs indicating that they are.
The more powerful the practicer of magic the less likley it is that
there are outer signs.  If you can't scan magically, you might walk
past them without noticing anything.
Even if practicers of magic notice each other here, it is possible
that there is not that much exchange.
Among practicers of magic some do take sense enhancers and some are
against it and some do it occasionally.

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