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Education:Collective failure of scientists as responsible human beings

patanie at my-dejanews.com patanie at my-dejanews.com
Tue Mar 30 19:22:03 EST 1999

Without a high level of education in a society,there can be no democracy.
Without democracy there can be no freedom.
When education is no more a priority of a society,this society becomes
compartimented between those who know and those who do not.

If you are deprived of knowledge,then you are,ipso facto,deprived of freedom
and,thus,"freedom" becomes a farce,at best.

The general failure of basic education,in the USA,has resulted in the spread
of increasing obscurantism within the general population: beliefs in the
"para" normal,magical thought such as the "new" age,beliefs in silly
hollywoodian ideas such as the idea of "ufo" "abductions",etc,etc.

This failure is partly economical(the power of decision is not in the hands
of scientists or educated people but in the hands of merchants)and partly due
to the fact that scientists behave irrresponsibly because
they,collectively,do not give a damned about the education of children.

While knowledgeable persons should be the teachers of ignorants,now the
situation is that the television and mass media have replaced knowledgeable
persons as the basic teachers to children!

So,instead of being educated,in the full sense,by responsible human
beings,children are un-educated by the TV and led,progressively,towards
obscurantism because tv programs do not filter intelligent,responsible
information from garbage.On the contrary,it promotes garbage and

TV series like the "X-files" are,particularly,damaging to young people because
such series only spread paranoid ideation,uglyness,anxiety,terror,and
dissociation from Knowledge and Reality.

US movies,like the "Terminator","Alien",the "Predator" are highly dangerous to
the normal development of the psyche and should be,strongly,condemned.

These movies represent a regressive,barbarian,behaviour with puts homo sapiens
on pars with reptiles.

Violence,in the USA,is a direct consequence of the general failure of the
School and a failure of scientists to work in order to correct the
aberrations of mercantilism.

When millions of people believe in anything,without using their brain and
logic,then educators all share,TOGETHER,a deep responsibility.

Scientists cannot live in ivory towers.They have social duties.

If they fail,as educators,then the whole society fails especially in a
socio-economical system where the economy is the prime objective,instead of
Knowledge and Progress.

Responsible scientists should spend a considerable amount of their time in
counter-balancing the progressive regression of our societies back to the age
of general Ignorance.

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