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Education:Collective failure of scientists as responsible human beings

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 31 02:28:22 EST 1999

patanie at my-dejanews.com wrote:

>Without a high level of education in a society,there can be no democracy.
>Without democracy there can be no freedom.

Who brain-washed you, education of a democracy?

Democrats tend to be primitives into civilisation, destruction of
nature, sense censoring, claiming of territory and all born on it,
insisting that people have papers or plastic cards marking them as
possessions of the ruling, and anyone in most lands where democrats
try to rule, who insists that he wishes nothing to do with them,
latest point when they want to steal part of what he earns and he
refuses risks to ahve the choice to agree to make himself and part of
his possession their possessions, accept their papers and agree to the
theft, or have forced used to stick him into some sort of cage.

So much for freedom.

The education usually already consists of taking the freedom of
children, forcing them into unnatural rooms, to obey to someone in the
front, ignore the persons next to them most of the time and to aspeire
what in German is called "Zensur".

Telepathy, magic communication with others from Earth and the universe
and haramony with nature, internal balance seeking nd enlightenment
are usually straight of the list in all places where Christians rule.

So much about education.

>TV series like the "X-files" are,particularly,damaging to young people because
>such series only spread paranoid ideation,uglyness,anxiety,terror,and
>dissociation from Knowledge and Reality.

Sure man, and now you are going to teach us about reality.

I doubt your range capacities of perception are that impressive.

If I were to watch X-files, I'd do it for entertainment, and maybe an
adrenaline kick or two.
If I want to know about aliens, I smurf to some practicer of magic
whom I regard apt enough in such and lay siege to him to transfer me
enough data.
(And if he were wise, he'd not do it. Grin.)

(Apart from that the only time I believed alien energies were here
without me wanting that, I just wanted to be left alone again as it
scared me, and was pretty relieved when they were gone.) 

I'd say by old tradition contacts with "aliens" are done by magic
healers and that is wise so.

Who wants to do with others from elseplace, has a world jammed with
teachers, and I guess a lot are wise enough to know that they are not
wise enough for such.

>Violence,in the USA,is a direct consequence of the general failure of the

Replacing school with education, I agree.

But then again if hoards of sense censored people kill Red Indians,
grab their land and found a culture on violence, what do you expect.

>When millions of people believe in anything,without using their brain and
>logic,then educators all share,TOGETHER,a deep responsibility.

Maybe part of the point is that most educators of the sense censored
can't share that much together, because they are too sense censored to
understand telepathy.

>Scientists cannot live in ivory towers.They have social duties.

What if you find the ivory tower nice, have the rest of the elephants
as working slaves or their brain in slices or with electric measuring
devices, like to take parat of their children from them to sell them
to other places, and did not leave them that much space anyway where
they could still live as would be natural?

>If they fail,as educators,then the whole society fails especially in a
>socio-economical system where the economy is the prime objective,instead of
>Knowledge and Progress.

Who says that knowledge and progress are that important?

For freedom the understanding of inner and outer balances, tolerance,
thinking yourself into others, magic links into others, and not taking
yourself to be far more important than others, regarding Earth to be
of those of Earth, to understand and get beyond primitive rank
fighting and territory stuff, self criticism, constructive criticism,
to me seem more important.

Someone else might regard immediate interference if someome tries to
tell someone else what (not) to do concerning him-/herself  
as one of the most basic teachings concerning freedom,
and find wisdom to be the most important teaching area
in an age of advancing genetic and physical and technical knowledge,
so that people don't make new bacteria, weapons using artificial
ranges, don't destroy too much of nature and own balances, etc.

Another might have other concepts again
for a life in freedom 
where you can travel Earth without people claiming territories, 
trying to rule others,
make laws and borders,
damage Earth,
multiply like rabbits without oppononents 
and rip stuff out of Earth 
without caring for Earth harmonies.

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