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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 31 02:27:29 EST 1999

... So far I am certainly not an aimer for anterior cingulate areas.

And maybe you never tracked my stuff far enough to get that after the
concussion a bit more 2/3 of the playground for my perception went
off-line, that afterwards when I tried to play in it on LSD I got hell
of  headache there and that it was the end of my brainsurfer times,
that also the right side seems to have gone down in cell numbers as
well for not being used like before,
and that now for me this is basically sort of a ruin area compared to
what it once was.
Keep getting complaints from folks in opposite magic links that they
get headaches in the right frontal cortex, last one not being a month

With brainsurfers you have a good chance that a number of them can aim
into what for me is the playground and for some anterior whatever.
Don't know if any of them are out for having artificial ranges sent
into them for recordings of what they might consider private.

(Remember Norman who posted here? Maybe try him.
He did not seem to mind neuro nor artificial ranges. And he can also

If activity stuff had interested you for serious, before I signed some
contract here for some work I told you that if you and your group had
gone for certain stuff I'd have made your brains so you could have
started to magically perceive and play a bit in each others brains,
and then you could also have watched sleeping people more directly and
understood more,
dear Westie.

And then you might still not have ended up with what you want, 
but with me pushing you for trying to become White Magician.

Thou wert disqualified methinks, oh "my"-mammal imprisoner.

When you neuros are out of imprisoning mammals 
and are pushing the discussion of the rights of other mammals, birds,
octopei and some others yourself in parliaments or the like, 
in case by then I am still alive and into LSD brain reprogrammings for
akasha surfing, remind me of that stuff.  ;-)

(... Though I guess by then that embarrassment in Bremen 
would be higher on the target list, till they get at least far enough
to arrive at consciounesses  and link the own with each other 
for some decent direct exchanges between brains about the topics.
Might even at some decade then start to comprehend the "autist I
differentiation merge", lol. ;-)

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