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Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 31 05:17:25 EST 1999

Suggest to try to keep updated with neuro concerning your problems 
or ask a good friend to do so for you.

eli at ACCEFYN.ORG.CO ("eliana") wrote:

>HI... I am looking information about motion and depth agnosia and about
>perceptual problems in smelling and tasting after brain damage. 

As no else replies 
here a stoned a reply and I am tired 
and am not sure how much is nonsense of what I write.

o -----  O------ @------- 0  
Now here we have, as hardly anyone would fail to recognize,
different cells 
of different areas in the brain like organs with different functions
connected by sort of bio-wires (axons, dendrites 
and at the end a synapse).

Now if a pacman came and would munch away at the hull of the wires 
till it was not very becoming for them,

the data going from one cell 
through the wire
to another cell

would not arrive at the other cell(s) like before anymore.

Imagine you had I areas in parts of the cholinergic limbic system,
and now MS is disturbing connections.

Then the 
energy data from several of the neocortex-areas & cingulate data
and smell data from the corticomedial nucleus of the amygdala
would not arrive anymore in the own I-areas-unit as before.


As I mentioned some place else,
for magic data transfer of energy ranges
the "wires" do not seem to play such a high role;
however for a lot of stuff the "wires" seem needed.

And I do not believe becoming better in common magic could replace

I have talked with someone into magic energy perception here 
about how dangerous he considers magic links with MS and Alzheimer
brains and parallel sector links to cancer cells.
He strongly warned against it, though he had not tried.

No one into magic I know dares to try.

Currently a bit stoned and not sure if you were the one with MS,
but if so if you find a brain who is not scared to link with you,
that brain could try to get the data from practicers of magic and run
transfers to you. But I do not know if you would risk the life of that
person or not.

If it was a close friend of mine, I guess I'd play with the idea to
not target for brain areas directly, but try to make hell of a magic
data channel load outside into "fields" of neocortex shareware areas,
and to keep ways higher action levels on my side than usual and not
synch as well as I tend to.

If you want to practice alone, sit down very relaxed in front of a big
mirror, look into the eyes of your mirror image but ignore them and
your face, go for all points  parallel, and go down in energy.

Try to make no activity on your axons, till perception starts to
change into the other ranges and inside the settings go for more
transcending ranges (looks like blurry fog for some in the start).

Hold breath, but not so long that it is uncomfortable,
then breathe in,
breathing out send energies into the room,
and then hold breath again for a while.

Keep doing so for about 50 times and watch the changes in the "other

Keep ignoring your face and all points in the room parallel.

When you are starting to get a little how to change between different
inside concentrate to different spots in your head and body.

Again watch the changes.

Read about Asian energy arts, transcending and enlightenment.

If I had MS I might practice towards there, though Westie and many
other areas the cancer dangers due to artificial ranges tend to be so
high, that I do not advise to go for full enlightenment.

If you were the one with MS I advise not ever to transcend into other
people (unless maybe also with MS, as a practicing partner) if you are
not sure that you don't transform their akasha (what they are of)
(AVOIDING !!! that the face is no longer perceived but instead just
3-D energies.)

Also I would not go for the "common" forms of enlightenment,
but very specifically train to aim first at different areas in the
brain and body magically (sort of field connection) and then try to
link different areas magically very much with each other, 
so that in case my areas should be off-lined too much, 
I might still hope that they are trained enough in that without my own
areas in the brain in central steering command to supervise such 
in and between other areas of the brain and body.

However, as said, even if the magic "fields" communication between
different araeas was superb, I do not believe that this could replace
many functions for which to me axons and dendrites seem important.

This includes motorics (movement) and smell.

My personal concept there might more be that if my brain is messed up
anyway, that if I try to reprogram it fanatically for the older
communication where axons do not seem to play such a role, 
and might manage powerful restructures for the older communication,
that this might still be better than doing nothing.

I wish you good luck.

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