do-it-yourself eeg?

Allan Adler ara at
Fri May 14 07:55:57 EST 1999

Back around 1992, I read in the NY Times that some researchers
had hooked up an eeg to a PC, enabling the PC to take dictation
from subjects through the eeg. The person whose eeg was being
taken would give dictation one letter at a time by thinking about
how he/she would draw the letter. Apparently there is enough
information in the eeg for the PC to figure out what letter
is being thought of.

I consider this a striking technique with lots of applications.
At any rate, it seems like it could be fun if one could put together
the right equipment and software cheaply. So what I would like to know
is, how difficult and expensive it is to set something like this up
and how would one go about it?

Allan Adler
ara at

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