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a Formal Challenge to folks in Science

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Tue Nov 2 03:38:41 EST 1999

why all this 'difficult' stuff?

why all this talk of God in a Science 'place'?

because, simply, ~2000 years ago, Jesus 'cornered the market' on some stuff
that's of extreme importance to all people, everywhere.

yet, because all that Jesus Taught has been lumped together with the 'work' of
mere Humans, who presumed to 'know god', and deemed themselves to have the
'right' to murder anyone who disagreed with their 'knowledge of god'... all
under the derogatory-in-'science'-venues term of 'religion', all the Truth
Jesus Taught is virtually censored in the midst of the condemnation of all the
Murder that's been committed, supposedly, 'in the name of god'.

but, check it out... the Murder was =never= of God. it was, and it's 'modern'
counterparts remain, the work of the 'Beast', Abstract Ignorance... the absence
of understanding of how nervous systems process information automatically, via
blind TD E/I-minimization, in nervous systems which, nevertheless, process
information automatically.

over the millenia, folks've termed this or that 'god', and gave themselves over
to the blind 'passions' that arose within their nervous systems when that which
was merely-familiar to them was 'threatened' by others.

none of such stuff is 'of god'. =all= of it arises in the biology... yet,
folks, as thoroughly-victimized by Ignorance as those who Murder 'in the name
of god', take it upon themselves to 'Ban' and Censor any discussion of God from
Science... snickering about it in 'coded' terms such as 'ancient superstition',

only problem is that, ~2000 years ago, Jesus 'cornered the market' on Truth
that's absolutely-necessary to Humanity's survival... so, if this Truth that
Jesus Taught is 'grouped-together' with, and 'thrown out' along with all the
Murder, etc. that's been done 'in the name of god', then Humanity is Cut-Off
from the Truth upon which its survival depends.

so, i'm talking about these 'difficult' things in this, a Science 'place'.

of course, i understand the 'costs' of my doing so. but i also understand the
Costs of failure to do so... and it's no contest.

i'll reiterate one more 'time'... i worked with the best experimental results,
produced by the best technology of Neuroscience, and have produced a result
that will stand for all 'time' (or at least until evolutionary dynamics modify
the very fundamental neural architecture of human nervous systems). the Awesome
Truth is that the Neuroscience points to the same Truth that Jesus Taught ~2000
years ago.

so, Humanity's only Hope, writ-large right in the biology, is to cease it's
prevailing 'grouping' of the Truth Jesus Taught in with all of the Murder
that's been done 'in the name of god'.

it's such a Difficult 'point'... the Murder derives in blind biological
automation... but =everything= Jesus Taught is with respect to =transcending=
the blind biological automation in which the Murder derives.

can 'you' see the distinction?

the Murder is not of Jesus, and grouping Jesus together with the biologically
automated Ignorance in which the Murder derives, and 'banning' Jesus, is 'just'
more blind, automated Ignorant 'passion' stuff that =blocks= Humanity's
transcendence of the blind, automated 'passion' that Murders.

it's why i've 'dared' to discuss Jesus in a Science 'place'... Humanity =must=
transcend blind automation if Humanity is to survive. yet the knee-jerk
anti-'religion' stance that, in rational response to Murder 'in the name of
god', has been adopted, and adhered to universally within 'science', 'moves
away from' the Truth Jesus Taught, which simultaneously moves Humanity away
from the transcendence, of which Humanity is capable, of the blind automation
that's so ravaged Humanity since the beginning.

i'm =not= trying to 'convert' anyone. what anyone does with the understanding
is their choice.

i'm just telling folks the Truth of the matter.

Jesus =Knew= how our nervous systems process-information. He gently Taught what
was necessary if we were to be transformed in the only way that enables us to
transcend savagery.

but this blindly-automated grouping of Jesus, and the Truth He Taught, in with
the stuff from which Murder derives, has acted to =assure= the perpetuation of
the savagery.

this is a grave circumstance with respect to which 'science' has been the
determining factor.

please think about it... a 'knee-jerk' is a 'knee-jerk' regardless of the
'side' from which it's blind automation originates.

i'm =Sorry= that this is so 'hard'... transcend automation... =Think=.

K. P. Collins

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