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a Formal Challenge to folks in Science

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Tue Nov 2 21:28:35 EST 1999

>Subject: Re: a Formal Challenge to folks in Science
>From: kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ  (ken collins)
>Date: Tue, 02 November 1999 03:38 AM EST
>Message-id: <19991102033841.01643.00000164 at ng-ba1.aol.com>


>i'm =not= trying to 'convert' anyone. what anyone does with the understanding
>is their choice.
>i'm just telling folks the Truth of the matter.

i'll tell 'you', though... in the, in my view, relatively-'dim' light shed by
Neuroscience, which in itself, is jaw-hangingly-awesome, the Stuff that Jesus
Taught is so-much-exceedingly-more, that it's Existence induced me to Choose...
i Believe that Jesus is God.

it's a lesser coming-to-Belief, but it's the way that enabled me to Believe.

how can it be? ~2000 years ago, long (~1500 years) before the Scientific Method
was even a glimmer in Gallileo's eyes, there was Jesus 'just',
matter-of-factly, discussing the deep stuff of nervous system function, in a
way that's not only Perfectly correlated with all of the best Neuroscience
experimental results that are being produced ~2000 years later, but obviously
going way, way beyond them.

i'd =Love= to hear 'skeptics' try to 'explain away' all such stuff.

but please don't misinterpret what i've discussed. it's =not= my position that
Jesus came to Humanity solely with respect to Teaching us how to transcend our
proclivity for slaughtering one another.

Clearly, He did such, but when one explores such, one sees, clearly, that such
was not 'only' a sort of 'here, let Me show you something' sort of thing...
it's not Jesus' 'main point'. the point of His Awesome Foreknowledge, is that,
in 'time', all that it is would be recognized, and that being as it is, the
'door' to Recognition of everything else that Jesus is would be
thrown-open-wide... 'unveiled'... Apocalyptically... allowing folks to become
opened-up to Jesus's Godhead.

take a look. see for 'yourself'. it's as i say.


>i'm =Sorry= that this is so 'hard'... transcend automation... =Think=.

what does this Jesus, spurned by 'science' and largely-ignored by 'religion',
have to say with respect to such?

Jesus said (paraphrase), "I've not come for peace, but for division."

a fairly 'strange' saying, no?

what Jesus was addressing was how the Stuff He Taught would lift folks up
beyond the prejudice toward what's become merely-familiar, and which is handed
down, from generation to generation, unquestioned... 'undivided'... with the
result that if non-group members do, in fact, 'question', they become targets
of the sort of Savagery that we've witnessed with our media-bourn eyes, in
Bosnia, Kosovo, all over the place, and, even-now, in Chechnya.

when Jesus said, "I've come for division", the 'division' that He addressed was
the dis-integration of the blind prejudice toward the familiar, that arises
within familias and cultures of share-experience, because such
'dis-integration' is a necessary prelude for Humanity's becoming able to
transcend the Savagery that springs, atutomatically... unthinkingly... out of
the biology.

Jesus was saying He'd coe to Teach us how to Think... how to transcend the
tyranny of that which is merely-familiar, in a way that also transcends the
Savagery that's wreaked havoc within Human affairs since the beginning.

when one does so Think, one cannot help but see that Jesus had a ful command of
all the stuff that's considered to be within the realm of Science.

that's why the first Dedication of AoK... 'to the first neuroscientist' is as
it is.

i was just acknowledging Jesus' Priority.

so, when i encourage folks to Think, i'm just echoing what Jesus Taught... and
hoping folks will do so, rather than continue to pursue the path of Ignorance
which 'moves away from' Truth.

go ahead and 'divide' all of that tyrannical, merely-familiar stuff which has
induced us to behave with Savagery toward one another... do so while 'Loving
your neighbor'... =Think=... transcend blind automation.

so, see?

it's a great 'embarassment that Jesus, and all He so-gently Taught, is
all-knee-jerkingly 'lumped' together with all of the Savagery.

to do so is to flat-out worship Ignorance... the 'Beast' that ravages.

such is not the 'place' for folks in Science.

such is not the 'place' for anyone who'd Be Human.

when 'you' get this far, don't be 'afraid' to look-beyond, a bit.

cheers, ken (K. P. Collins)

[P. S. there's much more. i hope some small group will allow me to discuss it
all with them without further delay. kpc]

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