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a Formal Challenge to folks in Science... and Government

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Tue Nov 2 22:12:21 EST 1999

more 'difficult', but Necessary discussion.

my 'bannishment' has not actually been the work of folks in Science. i've been
cast into Exile by folks in 'government'... all =unelected= folks who, because
they were, themselves, in the grasp of the 'Beast', Abstract Ignorance, could
only function in the 'vain' of the 'Cold War' mentalities that they'd acquired,
through their prior experience... i'm addressing the stuff that, through their
experience, became merely-familiar to them.

the quality of my 'Exile' is akin to the Same-Stuff that's been meeted out to
Cuba, Iraq, and, formerly, to the 'Soviet Union'.

it is that, if folks do not submit to coercion by 'giving-up' the Truth that
their experience has led them to comprehend, and 'dance to the tune' that's
dictated by these unelected 'government 'advisors', then they will experience
all of their efforts being frustrated via the manipulations of these unellected
'government' folks.

over the years, i've 'watched' as these unelected folks've manipulated folks in
Science, Religion and Journalism, planting 'misinformation' with respect to the
work i found in my 'heart' to do.

these unelected 'government' folks've made a big mess of everything.

my 'crime'?

not agreeing to Censor Truth so that Truth could be 'diverted' toward the end
of weapons systems construction.

don't get me wrong. i was born in, raised in, educated in, and served in the
Military. I =understand= the 'need' for Military Preparedness.

i've never tried to prevent the use of the Maths, etc., i'd invented from being
used in ways that'd augment the the Military 'leverage' through which
Humanity's conflagrations might be extinguished.

what i've Protested, all-sternly, from my heart, was the notion that i must,
simultaneously, abandon all communication of the understanding to folks, in
general, so that the real worth of the understanding, with respect to
Humanity's inhumanity to itself, could, ultimately, be transcended... the
=only= way to wage war on war, itself, is through the understanding that allows
folks to comprehend the biological wellspring of Hatred and its attendant

and that's what i've struggled to do, and which it's becoming
increasingly-clear to me, i've done.

but, now, it's the case that that which was, formerly, done out of Ignorance,
continues, even though it's now 'fully' comprehended, because some of these
unellected 'government' officials are interested only in assuring that what
they did in their Ignorance will be 'swept under the rug'.

this is a circumstance against which i must continue to stand.

so don't see me as 'some poor, misguided fool'... i'm =not= such. it's 'just'
that there's a lot of stuff, to which, through manipulations that target 'your'
understanding, 'you' remain blind.

it's be-cause of such, and only be-cause of such, that my 'Exile' continues.

my 'crime' is that i Loved you.

meanwhile, all that could be continues to be thwarted by these unelected
'governmental' officials who are willing to allow the Savagery that's so
ravaged Humanity to continue, rather than =just= transcending the Ignorance
that, formerly, had them in its grasp.

the propensity to Murder exists, still, solely by virtue of these folks'
wanting only to 'cover their butts'.

i stand against such.

i'm willing to die, thus, standing against such.

as Lincoln said, "Be sure your feet are in the right place, then stand firm."

I'm sure. so i do so, stand firm.

Truth, is the Key... Truth that guarantees that Truth shall be Humanity's
Guide... not miserable, squirming 'cover-ups' that so twist Truth that all they
do is 'move away from' it.

if that happens, all is lost.

while there's Life in-me, such will not happen.

=America= is not comprised of such mean stuff, and i beg folks who Love This
Nation to stride forward in Loving Understanding, not to seek 'retribution',
but to take the reigns of our collective Nationhood, and steer a course into
our Future, mercifully by-passing these folks who've chosen not to Exist.

do it for the Children.

K. P. Collins (ken)

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