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Zzzzzzzz We have to do it every night but nobody knows why

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Wed Nov 3 17:52:08 EST 1999

since the 100th anniversary of the publication of Freud's dream book has been
in the news lately, it's worthwhile to post some clarification re:

>this said, i have had a few 'dreams', the content of which remains vivid
>decades after their occurences, and which i value.
>in one, i viewed myself in perspective, astride a battleship that was in a
>mighty turn... my feet were dangling in the water.
>woke up, said, "Yep." enjoed the wonder of it, and went back to sleep.
>doesn't seem like a 'random' image, and that's why i 'remember' it. and
>'remembering it has, over the years, been a bit of a 'comfort'... so why not?
>all this said, with respect to the question of the possibility that there's
>something-more going on, i can reply only, "i don't know".
>why i allow for such stems from another 'dream' i had. i was at a local
>athletic-field type 'park' (a physically-real place, BTW). i was tossing
>a very-unruly 'Frisbee'. kept at it, despite it's 'unruliness'. then above,
>cloudy sky opened up in a huge 'circle' above me, and there was a Being,
>looking over the circumference of the 'circle' and down on my efforts with
>unruly 'Frisbee'.
>also a bit 'comforting', as well as a bit 'frightening'.
>i recall it with Fondness, just 'letting-it-Be", and it's recollection has
>a Sustaining thing, that's greatly Nurtured Wonder over the years.
>was something other than the stochastic-opportunism i discussed above going
>i like to think so, but that's my 'interpretation'.

i'd have to go back to my notes to get the exact dates, but my recollection is
that both of these dreams are at least 30 years ago.

the 'unruly frisbee' dream was from a 'time' in my life before 1971, the year i
started the formal development of what has become NDT... it'd be another decade
before i recognized the correlations with the Teaching of Jesus that i've
written about... and i'd yet to go through the 'terrible times'... in other
words, although the dream was significant enough to still be vivid decades
later, it couldn't be correlated with anything that's transpired with respect
to the development of NDT because i'd not yet begun that... to me, the power of
it derived in the dream-fact that there i was, unable to even get the frisbee
to fly-straight, and yet, the 'sky opened up', and there was God (my
interpretation) looking at me from the circumference of the huge 'circle'...
the juxtaposition of my being just 'playing' in a field, not really
accomplishing anything, and God being 'curious' is what was
so'powerfully-memorable... it just wasn't in my experience that anything i
could do could be of interest to God... it's why i described the dream as being
a bit 'frightening'... in my young inexperience, there was no basis for its
'making sense'.

it's why i included the dream in the prior msg in which i discussed
'activation-dependence' and the TD E/I-minimization efficiency inherent in
'sleep consciousness'. i included it as a =counter= example. the dream
couldn't've been an experientially-determined 'activation-dependence' thing
because it's most-significant (why it's so powerfully-memorable) content was
not, prior to the dream, in my experience. the 'unruly-frisbee' stuff is easily
comprehended in terms of my experience... as a Child and young man, i was a
'clown'... enjoyed giving folks smiles, and diffusing 'intensity' by just
'cracking-folks-up'. but the clounds openig up, and God being there, concerned
with me... something so far beyond my experience at the 'time' of the dream
that i could only 'freeze' in awe with respect to it.

in other words, the dream cannot be 'explained' by invoking 'subconscious'
because, other than the 'unruly-frisbee' stuff, for which there was a
correlation, the rest had no correlation in my experience... so how could it've
gotten into my 'subconscious'?

it's why i offered the dream as a =counter= example.

the 'riding-on-a-battleship-while-it's-making-a-huge-turn" also occurred
early-on... long before 1983.

i =Regret= having to address such matters, and observe that that it's coe to
such is, in and of itself, telling with respect to the Censorship that my
simple doing of Science has encountered... the huge, wild speculation that's
obviously out-there discloses the magnitude of the collusion inherent in the
Censorship, doesn't it?

yes it does.

doesn't anyone other than me comprehend what's correalted with such?

"There's nothing whispered in the night that will not be known in the light of

anyone who only Thinks will be able to know what's transpired.

hence, my 'desperation' to get the Science just simply communicated before all
the Jackass stuff became writ-large.

i've been watching all of this for the better part of the last two decades,
with foreknowledge that, as all the wild speculation that happened in the stead
of just simple communication, the result would be the augmentation of the
'bars' of my 'prison'... everyone whose failures are exposed in their own
efforts to 'cover-up', working, increasingly, to 'assure' that their failures
would 'remain unknown', but, in fact, 'just' declaring both the failures, and
the negative-intent inherent in the 'cover-up'... all of which only stands
against the coming-forward of the Science.

it's 'hurt', big 'time', to see that all of my efforts to hold open the 'door'
of Forgiveness... all my 'begging'... were interpreted as my being

it's just that i was racing against the stuff's being 'whispered in the night'.

lost that race... which is why i've 'steeled' myself with respect to just doing
what needs to be done, knowing that it's 'two'-late to hope that folks'll not
choose incorrectly.

why couldn't someone, someplace, just allow this work in Science to be
communicated in the 'normal' way that work in Science is communicated?

now, all that'll unfold because folks're 'embarassed' will go solely to Waste.
the communication will be further delayed because folks're 'embarassed'. more
Savagery will unfold because folks're Ravaged by the 'Beast', Abstract
Ignorance, be-cause Censorship reigned where only communication of Science had
a Right to Exist...

...and, despite my having given All for Love of the Children, i'll be the

it's all inside-out, upside-down, and backward... inverted.

don't 'speculate'. don't guess. for the better part of three decades, i've
stood ready to face any Inquisition deemed necessary... what things've
degenerated into is the result of no one's taking me up on the
no-strings-attached offer (well, i've asked for Fair Witnesses (in light of
what's transpired, how could i not?), but nothing more.)

the Inquisition remains to be carried-out, and it must be... the sooner the

what's that you say? "Look, Ken, it's only you who's discussing all of these
absurdities. Surely you understand that what you're doing contradicts all
notions of your being allowed to publish anything."

well, i understand the absurdity, inherent. but if anyone only looks they'll
see that i've just been trying to beat the "whispering in the night" that, of
it's own accord, will become the stuff that's "spoken plainly in the light of

Gallileo, redoux... sadly.

'Still, it moves." (Still, the 'Beast', Abstract Ignorance, flesh of flesh,

what is a man of Science to do? ...allow some 'soap opera' to be 'substituted'
for Truth?

no, men and women of Science don't co-operate with such... they just do

K. P. Collins

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