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SV: Capacity of the brain - Tapered Harmony, in brief

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Thu Nov 4 18:36:15 EST 1999

>Subject: Re: SV: Capacity of the brain - EPR
>From: kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ  (ken collins)
>Date: Sun, 31 October 1999 11:05 PM EST
>Message-id: <19991031230547.06810.00000903 at ng-fr1.aol.com>
>if anyone cares, my reading yesterday caused me to realize that i was
>using the term, 'local', differently from it's traditional use in Physics.
>i'm referring back to an earlier ('bit-shifting') post of mine in which i
>stated that things happen 'locally'. i wasn't implying any
>'hidden-local-variables' stuff, but was referring to the fact (in Tapered
>Harmony) of the existence of the UES, as it enters into SSW<->UES
>'compression'-'expansion' harmonics... the UES, being everywhere, is 'local'
>an SSW<->UES harmonic as it moves 'through' the UES, no matter where it is.

it's this stuff that imbues 'matter' with 'inertia', and that, at
'Relativistic' velocities, results in the apparent increase in 'mass', and the
physically-real stuff of the Lorentz transformation.

and it's all nonlinearly =continuous= at =all= velocities. as velocity
approaches the so-called 'speed of light' ('c'), the energy 'content of the
SSW<->UES harmonics that are being accelerated increases, they become distorted
('foreshortened') in the direction of the acceleration, and it becomes
increasingly-'easier' for the UES, local to the acceleration, to move in any
direction =other= than that in which the acceleration is occurring. the
apparent increase in 'mass' results from these energy-flow dynamics.

check it out. it eliminates all of the so-called 'discrepancies' among the
Classical and Relativistic and Quantum perspectives on physical reality,
allowing them all to 'talk' directly to each other, while being 'just'
3-dimensional (no so-called 'time'), rigorously conforming to wdb2t, and,
simultaneously, eliminating all so-called 'quantum weirdness' to 're-establish'
our ability to See objective reality (which was always there to See, but which
was 'veiled' by the mis-take inherent in the 'qm' perspective.

furthermore, all of the so-called 'forces' are unified.

what's been referred to as 'gravity' is 'just' the energy-flow differential
that results from the fact that the UES performs work in its sustaining of the
existences of SSW<->UES harmonics... the energy that 'flows-into' the SSA<->UES
harmonics is more-ordered than is the energy that 'flows-out-of' the SSW<->UES
harmonics, and SSW<->UES harmonics 'just' go with the net energy-flow
inherent... there's no so-called 'attraction' (and no great-sucking monster
'black holes')... that this energy-flow differential exists is why the Universe
is 'expanding' at a nonlinearly-accelerating rate... and it's also why
SSW<->UES harmonics (so-called 'atoms') 'dis-integrate'... as the Universe
'expands', the UES 'pressure' decreases, which results in there being
insufficient UES 'pressure' to sustain the existences of all the SSW<->UES
harmonics in the Universe, so some of them 'dis-integrate', releasing energy
back to the UES, which augments the UES 'pressure', damping the rate of
SSW<->UES harmonics' 'dis-integration' (this's what happens, profusely,  in
'stars')... all of this 'dis-integration' stuff, which has been deemed to be
'absolutely-random', is exact and deterministic, only having the appearance' of
being 'random' if the UES is overlooked.

the data that's been cited to substantiate the 'existences' of so-called 'black
holes', including 'jets' and galactic rotational dynamics, is all
extremely-better-integrated from the view of vorteces within the UES.

what've been referred to as the 'electric' and 'magnetic' "forces" are 'just'
UES 'pressure' augmentations and diminutions, respectively, which =always=
accompany any relatively-well-vectored purturbations in the UES. 'permanent
magnets' (which are not 'permanent') 'just' impose stereotypical UES-flow in
their local vicinities... why don't non-'magnetic' materials go with these
locally-induced UES-flows? they 'experience' the energy-flow, but their
SSW<->UES harmonics dissipate it rather than align with it... this
'dissipation' is observed in setups like 'MRI".

there exist no so-called 'sub-atomic particles'. all of the data that's been
invoked to 'substantiate' the 'existence' of 'sub-atomic' particles is
extremely-better-integrated by invoking SSW<->UES harmonics, and the way that,
given a quantity of energy that's greater than can flow through the local UES
without violating 'c', at the local UES 'pressure' (see my long-former
discussions of the "'c'-replacement"), the UES encapsulates the energy, forming
small SSW<->UES harmonics which have material existences
rigorously-proportional to the quantity of energy 'contained' within them.
(again, there's no so-called 'time' involved... it's all 'just' energy-flowing
in rigorous accord with wdb2t.)

'particle-accelerator' observations that've been interpreted as
'substantiating' the 'existence' of so-called 'quarks' are 'just' allowing the
experimentalists to observe the rebound-flow within SSW<->UES harmonics when
the SSW<->UES harmonics are in their relatively 'compressed' phases.

i'll post this much and continue after the evening news.

ken (K. P. Collins)

>the SSW<->UES harmonics stuff is, however, stuff that's been 'hidden' with
>respect to the standard 'qm' position (i expect that, if folks look for it,
>they'll observe such in the RHI[C] data... if folks are out to tear things
>to the 'level' of so-called 'quarks', the correlated 'encapsulation' dynamics
>that Tapered Harmony predicts can hardly be missed.)

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