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it's been 'difficult'

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Fri Nov 5 03:27:02 EST 1999

>all you have to do, in matters small and great, is =always= Choose Truth

how does one See Truth, so that one can Choose it?

fundamentally, it's easy, be-cause Truth is 'always' easier to do than

at a practical 'level', however, there's a 'monkeywrench in the works'.

to understand this, consider all of the 'difficulties' that i've been
discussing in the recent past... consider the 'difficulty' (briefly discussed
in AoK, Ap10) of coming to understand the stuff of NDT itself... if Truth is
'easy', and if NDT is True, then why is it that NDT's stuff is so 'difficult'
to comprehend? and if it's so 'difficult' to comprehend, how can the 'map' of
Truth that's described in-it be 'followed'.

it's simple... as Lincoln said (paraphrase), "Nothing good ever comes to us
without first having cost us labor."

what is the subject of such labor?

artificial local TD E/I 'maximums'... anything with which one is
relatively-unfmailiar exists as such with respect to the information-processing
dynamics that occur within one's nervous system.

such local TD E/I 'maximums' can also be created through work, as is the case
with respect to stuff like 'advertising', and sinnisterly, in stuff like
'pyramid schemes', fraud, disinformation campaigns, and all such shyster

the latter stuff is, in fact, recognized as constituting 'crime' be-cause it
does, in fact, constitute, recognizably, such artificially-established local TD

there was an article in the Thu, 4Nov99 _New York Times_, "U. S. Tried to Fool
Hanoi on P.O.W.'s Book Says", by J. Risen, pA8.

the article discusses 'disinformation'-campaign stuff.

all such stuff only, only, only 'backfires' be-cause of its inherent artificial
TD E/I(up)-generating nature.

all one has to do to discern it is to experience more-widely than the range in
which the artificially-generated TD E/I(up) exists... in traversing the
'boundaries' of this 'range' one experiences TD E/I(down) through which one
recognizes the non-'goodness' of the artificially-generated TD E/I(up)...
regocnizes it for what it is with respect to Truth.

although things 'normal' are, most-often, much more subtle (the 'boundaries' of
their TD E/I correlates are not so easily recognized), they still yield to the
same wide-ranging search strategies... test everything experienced with respect
to as much of what can be experienced as is possible, and the one 'map' of
Truth that is wdb2t shows itself without fail.

there's an over-arching  rationale for Choosing Truth, however. it is that the
sustenance of all deviations from Truth requires work. so, to the degree that
individuals or groups deviate from Truth, their energy must go into sustaining
the 'existences' of all the artificially-generated TD E/I(up)s that constitute
their deviations from Truth... their attempted deceptions. to the degree that
their energy is expended in this way, cannot, themselves, seek Truth, and
anyone who only seeks Truth can out-perform them.

deception always comes at this extremely-high, physically-real Cost.

unfortunately, the 'modern' fashion is rife with such, being, in my view, its
paramount 'feature'... the Waste that results is fairly sucking the
could-have-been Life out of Humanity.

there's another thing, "two"... it is that, because learning is inertial, even
relatively-small forays in deception can result in broad-based, and enduring,
effects., that are similar to what's epitomized in first-tast aversion' where
rats, encountering unfamiliar possibly-'food' stuff will take just a tiny
nibble, and, before eating more, wait to see if there's anything
not-conducive-to-survival in-it. if they 'get-sick', they'll avoid the
correlated stuff relatively-enduringly.

it's the same way with even small acts of deception... except, of course, among
folks who know only deception (the Truly 'Clueless').

anyway, be-cause of all of this, over the long term, deception is =always=

i cringe at how the 'work' of the coup folks has so diminished This Nation's
Voice within international affairs... an example of such is in the news these
days... fovernment officials are trying to tell the Russians that their bombing
of Chechnya is wrong... but the words ring hollow because they come on the
heels of all of the artificially-generated TD E/I(up) that went into forming
consensus within NATO with respect to This Nation's bombing in "Yugoslavia".

the 'point' is that it was another deception that prevented the stuff that
could've ameliorated the tragedy in "Yugoslavia" from being available when it
was needed.

deception... 'moving away from' Truth always defeats itself in this way.

all one has to do to find Truth in the midst of such is to range-widely,
experientially... Truth 'stands right up' and declares itself.

and it's the same with respect to NDT's stuff... it's relative unfamiliarity,
at first, induces folks to 'move away from' it, but if folks experience its
stuff sufficiently... perform sufficient information-processing work with
respect to it... it becomes the familiar thing, and the 'difficulty' "goes

then, and only then, can one range more-widely, still, and discover Truth for
one's self.

armed with Truth, one can discern Truth easily.

NDT's value is that it Generalizes such.

Choose Truth, go Easy... after Truth becomes the main thing.

this 'point' deserves better than what i've written here. please write your own
versions of it.

deception always costs more than Truth... learn to follow the one 'map' of
Truth that is wdb2t... TD E/I-minimization... don't get sucked-in by either
local minima or local maxima... range widely enough to discern the whole in
order to be able to Recognize the artificial stuff that's thrown, wastefully,
into the mix that is your experience.

Love Truth, and Truth Loves you right-back.

ken (K. P. Collins)

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