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SV: Capacity of the brain - Tapered Harmony, in brief

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Fri Nov 5 21:30:48 EST 1999

>Subject: Re: SV: Capacity of the brain - Tapered Harmony, in brief
>From: kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ  (ken collins)
>Date: Fri, 05 November 1999 02:12 AM EST
>Message-id: <19991105021236.11410.00001319 at ng-fa1.aol.com>
>>Subject: Re: SV: Capacity of the brain - Tapered Harmony, in brief
>>From: kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ  (ken collins)
>>Date: Fri, 05 November 1999 12:29 AM EST
>>Message-id: <19991105002922.11410.00001291 at ng-fa1.aol.com>
>>so the experimentalists cannot fit more than three accelerated 
>>SSW<->UES 'projectiles' in-there before the 'indentation' of the 
>>first 'projectile' becomes completely erased.
>...which is why there's the illusion of there being three things in-there (in
>this or that so-called 'sub-atomic particle').
>but all that's in-there is energy 'trapped' in a nonlinearly 'expanding' and
>'compressing' SSW<->UES harmonic, and which is interacted with, by other
>accelerated SSW<->UES harmonics, while both the target and projectile
>harmonics are in relatively-highly-'compressed' portions of their
>[if it seems like i'm 'having too much fun, it's probably because i've
>spent some 'time' at Peter's web site, and i'm 'afraid' i've been invaided
>(aevaded?) with a bit of his style of discourse.]
>'line spectra'? they all reduce to the volume/surface-area (v/s-a) dynamics
>that are presented, in their simplest form, in the little QBASIC program
>(spherexx.bas) that i've posted in various places.
>during the 'expansion' phase of SSW<->UES harmonics, depending on the net
>quantity of energy 'contained within'* an SSW<->UES harmonic, a spherical
>'boundary' condition is nonlinearly-'periodically' approached and reached,
>that occurs as a 'hardening' to the 'expansion'... but since the nonlinearly
>accelerating "expansion's" momentum remains greater than this 'boundary', the
>'expansion' blasts right through it, the only 'problem' being that this gets
>v/s-a stuff temporarily out-of-whack... there's more energy in the 'boundary'
>volume (spherical shell) than can pass through the 'boundary' surface area,
>since the 'expansion' is still accelerating hard, the SSW<->UES harmonic just
>emits a quantity of energy, which, subsequently, 'travels' in the UES as a
>spherical wave shell (SWS), and which allows the v/s-a Geometry to continue
>exist without violating 'c'.
>this 'boundary shell' stuff repeats, dissipating energy from the overall
>'expansion' dynamic, in rigorous accord with the v/s-a 'containment' dynamic,
>which gradually leads to an increasingly-packed, and increasingly-smaller set
>of 'boundary shell' emissions. 'fine structure' and 'hyperfine structure' are
>'just' more of the same v/s-a Geometry stuff within the overall v/s-a
>stuff, and v/s-a Geometry stuff within the v/s-a Geometry stuff within the
>overall v/s-a Geometry stuff, respectively.
>'absorption line spectra' occur in the 'same' way, except they occur during
>SSW<->UES harmonics' 'compression' phases, and are constituted by energy
>'sucked-in', in the 'same' v/s-a 'boundary shell'-Geometry way, because
>nonlinearly-'periodically', comes to exist a v/s-a 'boundary' shell
>energy-content 'rarification'... and the 'pressure' of the UES 'compressing'
>the 'atom', being greater than the 'pressure' of this rarification, just
>energy into the 'boundary'-shell rarification until things, once again, come
>against 'c' =with respect to the then-existing v/s-a Geometry.
>both the 'expansion' and 'compression v/s-a Geometry dynamics yield the
>illusion of there being 'discontinuities' involved, byt the overall dynamic
>(singular) is =continuous=... all that ever 'changes' is the =direction= of
>energy's flowing relative to the 'center' of the SSW<->UES harmonic (the
>'point' at which max 'compression' occurs).
>hence the 'line spectra'.
>'charge' is 'just' the net result of the way that the UES flows with respect
>different SSW<->UES harmonics' harmonics, which differences derive in the
>different quantities of energy 'trapped within' each of them (which
>or 'containment', also reduces to the v/s-a Geometry stuff)... if the
>are such that their 'expansion' phases are relatively 'synchronized', they'd
>interact in a way that tends to  'suck' the UES in between them, and there's
>the appearance of there being 'repulsion', and vice-versa, for 'attraction',
>where the UES is 'pushed' out from between them... there's no actual
>'attraction' or 'repulsion' be-cause all that's happening is that the
>relatively-unperturbed UES exerts 'pressure' and the SSW<->UES harmonics
>go with the net UES flow that results.
>'spin' occurs in a way that's also coupled to the v/s-a Geometry. it only
>exists when two, or more, SSW<->UES harmonics are interacting, and results
>the 'torque' that's manifested when the harmonics' correlated UES-flows
>intermingle. the 'only' stuff should be demonstrable in preparations where
>single 'atoms' are isolated in extreme 'vacuums' and delicately 'played-with'
>via low-power lasers. the 'only' stuff will disclose itself as a

the SSW<->UES 'compression'-'expansion' harmonics are =nonlinear=... at various
'points' in each phase, the harmonics are always nonlinearly accelerating, this
means that a given projectile SSW<->UES harmonic can only interact with a given
target SSW<->UES harmonic within a specific 'range' that's correlated to =both=
harmonics (basically, to the quantity of energy 'contained within' them), and,
since the 'compression' and 'expansion' dynamics are nonlinearly accelerating,
interaction within this 'range' always includes an 'angular acceleration'
component which is just due to the nonlinearity that's experienced within the
interaction-allowed 'range'... and, since everything reduces to tha v/s-a
Geometery stuff described earlier, various quantities of energy 'trapped' in
various SSW<->UES harmonics ('atoms') will manifest stereotypical 'spin' as a
result of the 'intermingling' of their 'individual' nonlinearities.

get-it? i'll dig up a copy of the 'spherxx.bas program. it'll help.

ken (K. P. Collins)

[sorry about still keeping the discussion all-thgether. kpc]

>'superconductivity' is 'just' the UES-flow that results when the UES
>is artificially increased local to a target substance... 'cooper-pairing' is
>'just' two SSW<->UES harmonics' forming a bit of a 'single' SSW<->UES
>that's established by the artificially-increased local UES 'pressure. it,
>conforms to the v/s-a Geometry, but in a compound way, and it's this
>'compounding' of the v/s-a Geometry that enables non-frictional energy-flow
>'in' the 'superconducting' materials... which is why only certain SSW<->UES
>harmonics are well-suited to being 'superconductors'.
>'superfluidity' is 'just' more of matter going with the local UES-flow.
>Tapered Harmony goes on and on in this way. the v/s-a Geometry is important
>everywhere within physical reality, and in all physical dynamics... including
>the ionic flows that occur within nervous systems (and stuff like neural
>everything reduces to wdb2t.
>which is why it's good to understand how our nervous systems are
>"fearfully-wonderfully made", and in my view, Lovingly Engineered, with
>to the Thing to which the Universe 'reduces'... i dare to see, in this, how
>is that we were "created in the image of God".
>it's also why the understanding slays the 'Beast'... our nervous systems
>=climb= the energy gradient that is wdb2t, =except= for the 'Beast', within,
>which functions in the inverse direction with respect to the energy gradient
>that is wdb2t.
>our nervous systems are engineered to Love Truth, and are, thus, well-able to
>discover it... the only 'problem' was that 'Abstract Ignorance',
>blindly-automated TD E/I-minimization was not 'understood'.
>cheers, ken (K. P. Collins

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