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Electromagnetical hypersensitivity ?? Please help.

Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Sat Nov 6 09:37:32 EST 1999

What you describe could be simply a stress/irritation reaction to excessive
flickering of the light source.  Both sources you cite, a fluorescent lamp
and a computer screen, are notorious in producing a constant flickering of
light -- the illumination is not steady, but rather turns on and off at a
high frequency.  This can produce subtle "psychological" effects.  I don't
mean you are imagining the response, but rather, that the physiological
stimulation produces wide ranging behavioral responses that don't seem to be
directly associated with the stimulus.  Some people are very sensitive to
the effect, and some sources produce much greater flicker and at lower
flicker frequencies than others.  There is no need to assume any
"electromagnetic" effect, other than the fact that light, itself, is an
electromagnetic phenomenon.

Pelle Zbigniew Frederiksen wrote in message ...
>Could the below symptoms be Electromagnetical hypersensitivity ??
>They are "starting" when sitting under a fluorescent lamp or by a
>Going out in the daylight helps.
>- Interruptions in vision. Things appear lighter and sharper than normal.
>Sometimes it appear darker.
>Things can look more "3 dimensional" than normal.
>- Problems with focusing.
>- Slower / lesser reaction ability.
>- "Tirretness". Can get very exhausted.
>- Problems with concentrating.
>- Often freezing when symptoms are active.
>- When it is worst it sounds like all noises come from a very far place.
>They doesn't really reach.
>- Sometimes headache
>Can this be Electromagnetical hypersensitivity ??
>......Or something else ??
>Does anyone know a place where I cand find more on it.
>Can anyone help me I would be very gratefull.
>Pelle Zbigniew Frederiksen.

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