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q b a s i c p p o g r a m s [LONG!]

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Mon Nov 8 06:14:36 EST 1999

>skip 'RELMO.BAS' for now.

you can skip it permanantly. it's functionality is integrated in the '2nd
derivative' portion of the INFOCALC.BAS program.

i'll UL the 11 x 11 array if anyone wants it, but it's ~5 times more 'trouble'
than is ICEDIT.BAS.

what RELMO.BAS, and the 2nd derivative portion of INFOCALC.BAS, show is the
'sliding fields' stuff that's discussed in AoK, Ap6, which is
fairly-significant stuff, when the nonlinearity of perspective, also discussed
in AoK, Ap6, is integrated, all with respect to the 'addressing' problem
(otherwise known as the 'binding problem').

the fundamental principle of Information Calculus:

the point-to-point union of symmetry and asymmetry is everywhere unique within
the resolving-power of the 'asymmetric lens' that's incorporated.

is also in the InfoCalc program. i used a relatively-simple analogue of
'bit-shifting' to impliment the 'lens', which, in the brain, is as it's
discussed in AoK, Ap6 (much-more-involved, much-more-powerful, but
exactly-analogous to what's in the little InfoCalc program.

there're other versions of this program. when i broke off from developing it
(because i'd run out of $).

anyway, i'd developed a 'cockroach program that had InfoCalc 'vision' that
enabled the 'cockroach' to 'see' in a virtual (remember, all i had was an
8-bit, sans-graphics, CPM machine) 3-D maze. the mazes had their own editor so
that a user could construct mazes that the 'cockroach' hadn't experienced
before, and place 'food', noxious stimuli of the user's definition, etc. and
other stuff in-there... stuff with it's won attributes that the 'cocroach would
learn about, and remember, through its experience, as it performed work to
'live its life'.

the 'snore' stuff that's in the INFOCALC.BAS program is a remnant of the
'cockroach' code. 'sleep' to integrate 'intermediate-term memory' (in RAM) with
LTM, on a floppy... which is exactly-analogous to the rationale that underpins
the nervous system's need for 'sleep consciousness'.

it was a fun-but-serious program, 'chained' to fit into the 64k of RAM that my
CPM machine had. the simple InfoCalc that's in the INFOCALC.BAS program i UL'd,
worked just fine.

having to 'break-off' from working on the 'cockroach' almost killed me, because
i knew it was a crucial demonstration.

although i've found fairly-substantial remnants of it, if my archivists haven't
retained the old 5.25 floppys i gave them, it seems the 'cocroach' is lost
(although i've not searched my own off-site archives, and won't until i've a
secure workspace).

anyway, there's a lot in INFOCALC.BAS... most of what's in AoK, Ap6. it's
'crude', but does what's necessary, and i hope folks'll give-it-a-go. when
they've a free hour (takes longer than to see what's in-it on one's own,
without help from a presenter... 'hint, hint' :-)

i've got some other programs, besides, but after reading the review of S.
Singh's new book, _The Code Book_, reviewed by R. Osserman, in the Sun, 7Nov99,
_New York Times_, i expect i'll have a bit of a 'hard-time' 'publishing' at
least some of them.

it's a sorrow ^ sorrow thing that i understand-well, but with respect to which
there're Costs that run-both-ways.

BTW, since i posted the programs, my INet PC 'hangs', long, after i exit my
comm app.

anyway, cheers, ken (K. P. Collins)

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