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caan you asswer this ?

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Mon Nov 8 05:06:38 EST 1999

>Subject: caan you asswer this ?
>From: "PApa GoT A BrAnDnEwBaG" Papa23 at kovaski.net 
>Date: Mon, 08 November 1999 02:41 AM EST
>Message-id: <rWuV3.486$Wd1.32587 at news.total.net>
>hi.... can you tell me what the fundamental
>resonant pulse frequency of
>the nervous system
>is ???
>theres to much confusion on the net

"the fundamental resonant pulse frequency"?

there really is none. the so-called 'rhythms' are 'just' averaged activation
that reflects various states of convergence within networks. why, beyond it's
reflection of convergence, the rhythms are rather over-rated is because the
underlying activation can occur in configurations of the network that are

an analogy is the game of 'pinball' that's played in Japan... showers of little
balls that 'ker-chink' their ways down to the bottom of the machine by bouncing
off little 'posts'... there's an 'averaging' in the rate at which the balls
fall, but, within that 'averaging', the balls can, and do, follow paths that
are easily seen to be different from one 'trial' to the next.

it's the path that's important, not the average rate at which the balls fall.

in the brain, the so-called 'rhythms' correlate with this sort of 'avaraging',
which is 'just' a reflection of stereotypical convergence within the neural

don't get 'hung-up' on it because it's 'meaningless' if one doesn't have
network configuration ('path') information.

various 'states' of 'consciousness' =are= reflected in the 'rhythms', but all
one has to do to arrive at the same conclusions reflected in this aspect of the
'rhythms', is to look at a person. if he or she is sleeping, then are their
eyes 'jiggling'? then the person's likely to be 'dreaming', if not, then the
person's likely to be in 'deep sleep'.

if the person's 'awake' but not attending to external stimuli, then they're
'day-dreaming'. if they are attending, then they're 'paying-attention'.

each of these things is correlated with particular 'rhythms'... but so what?
the 'rythms' don't tell one anything that one can't see by just looking at a

this's all the 'rhythms' 'say', so they're not as 'meaningful' as they've been
held to be.

if one wants to understand brain (nervous system) function, there's no way
around becoming familiar with the functional Neuroanatomy, and understanding
how it works.

don't get caught-up in 'urban legends' that only block understanding.

cheers, ken collins

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