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q b a s i c p p o g r a m s [LONG!] - MY COPYRIGHT AND LICENCSE VIOLATIONS

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Mon Nov 8 22:53:11 EST 1999

if i come across a copy of the old, numeric-array-only, version of the program,
i'll UL it. but, just now, i can't find the Will in my 'heart'.

everyone that DL'd the program's msgs, =MUST= DELETE ALL COPIES OF THE CODE,

i =must= insist on this be-cause it is i who is solely-Liable in this
Copyright-Infringement, and License Agreement Violation matter.

if anyone cares, it was never my intention to 'distribute' this program's code.
i only wanted to use it, during in-person presentations, to help folks grasp
what's 'difficult' in Information Calculus.

folks who read through the entirity of my decade+ online and offline
communciations will find that i =always= stated the Requirement of 'in-person
only' with respect to Information Calculus. that purpose originally derived, at
least in-part, in my awareness that Chan's Copyrighted Code could not be
distributed without having, first, obtained a License Agreement... i never did
so. back when i developed the program, i just didn't have the $175.00 to spare,
and since i'd only done the program to show folks the basics of Information
Calculus, without any intention of distributing copies of the code, i assumed,
since i'd purchased Chan's book, that what i was doing was 'fair use'. i really
begged folks to allow me to show them the program's executable functionality,
but the only person who ever responded was Dr. Marijuan, who asked to see the
InfoCalc code while he was writing his book. i have no knowledge of what, if
anything, Dr. Marijuan did with the InfoCalc code. if, because Chan's
Copyrighted, License Agreement-required, Code was in the code that i sent to
Dr. Marijuan, i am also solely-responsible for any Liability resulting from
that, and will be, until i can reverse any Violations with respect to which i
am =solely= Responsible.

any Legal Representatives who wish to seek 'damages' from me should send
private email to me, including means through which i can independently-verify
=all= statuses involved.

after such verification, i will, then, make myself available for Prosecution in
Court of Law.

Sad cheers, K. P. Collins

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