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Temporal neural activity - what is it?

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Mon Nov 8 23:24:56 EST 1999

>Subject: Re: Temporal neural activity - what is it?
>From: Y-chat at webtv.net
>Date: Mon, 08 November 1999 09:25 PM EST
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>There is also reference in recent articles of "new" neurons being formed
>that are hypothesised to be "date coded" and therefore contributing to
>memory time differentiation.

i saw that. it's erroneous. all that happens is that a neuron's
activity-dependence builds from a 'tablo-rasa' 'state' to a 'state' having
'biological mass' (AoK, Ap5).

what's referred to as 'dating' is actually 'just' the stuff of this 'biological
mass', which encodes in terms of TD E/I. becouse of the convergence 'pressure'
that's continuously applied by the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms that are
discussed in AoK (substrates discussed in the refs cited in AoK), the more
activation that occurs, the more TD E/I-minimization occurs, and the encoding
of this TD E/I-minimization 'encoding' that occurs within, and with respect to
particular 'supersystem configurations' (AoK, Ap5) involving the neuron
(including the glial correlates that are briefly discussed in AoK, Ap5), the
greater becomes the neuron's 'biological mass' with respect to the correlated
supersystem configuration.

and, with respect to the information-processing dynamics that occur within
nervous systems, the 'biological mass' exists as an =exact= analogue of 'mass'
as it's been invoked in Physics since Gallileo's "time" (or earlier; i don't
know who, or when, the concept of 'mass' was introduced into Physics, although,
of course, it was made relatively rigorous by Newton, and more-rigorous by
Einstein... the future will see 'mass' being made even more rigorous, in
Physics, in terms of the 'biological mass' stuff that's introduced in AoK
(NDT). it's already that-way in Tapered Harmony.)

anyway, what's been referred to as 'dating', with respect to the 'new-neuron'
results, is not 'dating', but as above.

ken (K. P. Collins)

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