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TOS complaint: ken collins abusing Usenet bionet.neuroscience

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Tue Nov 9 00:50:26 EST 1999

>Subject: Re: TOS complaint: ken collins abusing Usenet bionet.neuroscience
>From: "A.F. Simpson" AFS7 at le.ac.uk 
>Date: Mon, 08 November 1999 08:53 PM EST
>Message-id: <38277E9C.737C at le.ac.uk>
>Mervyn van Kuyen wrote:
>>Arthur T. Murray heeft geschreven in bericht
>> >Subject: TOS complaint: ken collins abusing Usenet bionet.neuroscience
>> >To: abuse at aol.com
>> >Cc: mentifex at scn.org
>> Just use a filter, AOL will not take action I think...
>And even if they did, it will take him less time to find another ISP
>than it did for Arthur to send in the complaint. 
>Trolls and kooks, especially paranoid conspiracy-theorist kooks, cannot
>be successfully kicked off the net, only ignored in the hope they will
>go away.  I skip through his posts every day without reading them. 
>Luckiers souls with better newsreader have him killfiled.  With luck he
>may eventually work out that no-one is reading his garbage and shut up. 
>We'll just have to wait until then and hope he doesn't kill off the
>group in the meantime.
>> Mervyn

i observe that one person's 'paranoid conspiracy-theorist kooks' are 'just'
another person's behavior with respect to work that needs to be accomplished,
the latter being unfamiliar to the former.

i understand the 'difficulty' inherent in what i'm doing.

i also understand that this 'difficulty' is of relatively short-term duration,
but the Difficulty it supplants is immense, and interminable.

therein exists Obligation.

enduring interminable Difficulty in order to 'move away from' relatively
short-term 'difficulty' doesn't compute.

cheers, Ms. Anna, K. P. Collins

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