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brain plasticity - what causes it?

Sir Knowitall fell_followedby_in at one.net.au
Tue Nov 9 14:17:58 EST 1999

ken collins <kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ> wrote in message
news:19991108012908.15385.00000686 at ng-ba1.aol.com...
> to your excellent discussion, i'll add that what you describe is =exactly=
> 'withdrawal' from addictive substances is accompanied by TD E/I(up)
> configurations.
> the addictive substances enter into the stuff you've discussed, altering
> convergence upon specific neural activation 'states', and hence, upon
> neural topologies.
> when the addictive substances are withheld, this formerly-constructed
> (literally) neural topology can only break down because of its acquired
> dependence upon the artificially-induced, addictive, substance.
> all instances of such 'rendering useless' (AoK, Ap8) constitute TD E/I(up)
> conditions; conditions in which the supersystem is not configured
> the behavioral correlates, and internal malaise, of 'withdrawal' are
> reflections of the internal TD E/I(up) [relative-randomness in the
> sans-addictive-substances activation 'states'].
> if folks were educated with respect to these simple realities of their
> system's functioning, indescriminant (non-Medical) use of drugs, if still
> appropriately illegal, would, at least, be a matter of educated choice,
> folks being subjected to the augmented potential for abuse that stems from
> of understanding, and perhaps, it would assist some addicts (such as
> addicts) during their withdrawal agonies. (i don't know about substances
> 'crack', cocaine, heroine, etc. it's probably the case that they so-alter
> mechanisms of 'cognition' that the addicts of such might not be able to
> the thought inherent in what you've discussed; but it'd help with respect
> post-withdrawal relapse.)
> cheers, Matt, ken (K. P. Collins)

In all your theorizing you repeadedly fail to straight-forwardly address the
central relevant fact that (both) exogenous addictive substances and
endogenous helps us/our brains achieve a greater or lesser degree of
oblivion (selective unconsciousness) in respect of not just any currently
ongoing "Selective Hibernation Imploring Type life-Situaions" but the even
more widely ignored reality of Conditioned-in [Kept Hibernated, Hence]
Unconsciously Remembered [SHITS-type] Stressors Effecting Symptoms (i.e.
symtoms of a truly wide variety) -- or in short CURSES [alt. e.g.

Symtomatic of that you do keep being AEVASIVE in this way, is that you are
sometimes also profoundly discrediting yourself by inferring an greater than
symbolic meaning to the alleged "teachings of Jesus".

If you are anyway not going to get anywhere with what you yourself are
preaching, then at least get no-where straight. For goodness sake!

Yours nevertheless understanding and well-meaning,

Peter F.

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