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brain plasticity - what causes it?

ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Tue Nov 9 04:24:28 EST 1999

>Subject: Re: brain plasticity - what causes it?
>From: "\"Sir Knowitall\"" fell_followedby_in at one.net.au 
>Date: Tue, 09 November 1999 02:17 PM EST
>Message-id: <3827674b at pink.one.net.au>
>ken collins <kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ> wrote in message
>news:19991108012908.15385.00000686 at ng-ba1.aol.com...


>In all your theorizing you repeadedly fail to straight-forwardly address the
>central relevant fact that (both) exogenous addictive substances and
>endogenous helps us/our brains achieve a greater or lesser degree of
>oblivion (selective unconsciousness) in respect of not just any currently
>ongoing "Selective Hibernation Imploring Type life-Situaions" but the even
>more widely ignored reality of Conditioned-in [Kept Hibernated, Hence]
>Unconsciously Remembered [SHITS-type] Stressors Effecting Symptoms (i.e.
>symtoms of a truly wide variety) -- or in short CURSES [alt. e.g.


>Symtomatic of that you do keep being AEVASIVE in this way, is that you are
>sometimes also profoundly discrediting yourself by inferring an greater than
>symbolic meaning to the alleged "teachings of Jesus".

with respect to what i've posted With Respect to Jesus:

1st, there's much-more.

2nd, if you can post what you've posted, you either don't know the
Neuroscience, or you don't know the New Testament, or you don't know either,
because, if it were otherwise, the Truth in what i've posted just could not be
missed. it's all that glaringly-obvious.

with respect to my 'AEVASIVE'-ness, whatever such is, if it's not clear that
i've access to much-more information than does anyone else, and with respect to
which i'm 'commenting, let me make it clear that such is the case.

what i'm working to do is to bring everything in for a safe-landing, despite
some dynamics that are inclined toward things turning-out otherwise.

it "doesn't matter" what, if anything, 'comes to me'. all that matters is that
the understanding be communicated.

recently, things've been going-well, and it seems i'll be able to 'go away' if
such continues, but i can't, and won't, while there's anything left to do with
respect to assuring that the understanding will reach the Children in its
fullness. (although i'm getting ready to go offline again.)

so i'm 'juggling' a few things, a bit, to 'maintain the proper trim, as the
thing settles in. i don't 'like' having to do some of what i'm having to do,
but there's the need for everything i'm doing, despite the fact that
individuals see everything on the board, but only understand the the
pits-and-pieces that are relevant to their own eyes.

it's the only venu that's been open to me, after all. if there's only the one
'place', then everything has to be done in the one 'place'.

as far as being 'evasive' goes, i fully-disclosed myself the better part of two
decades ago. after that, there remained no rationale for 'evading' anything,
which, it's my hope will be clear in the work of folks who bear the
Responsibility to comunicate the 'good, the bad, and the ugly'.

>If you are anyway not going to get anywhere with what you yourself are
>preaching, then at least get no-where straight. For goodness sake!

there's 'preaching', and there's Truth.

it's easy to discern the two, be-cause Truth Matters.

>Yours nevertheless understanding and well-meaning,

forgive me if i remain incredulous, but don't 'worry' about it.

cheers, Peter, ken (K. P. Collins)

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