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can you answer this ?

PApa GoT A BrAnDnEwBaG Papa23 at kovaski.net
Mon Nov 8 23:03:17 EST 1999

correction in microvolt ....i meant microamps


PApa GoT A BrAnDnEwBaG wrote ...

ken collins wrote <19991108050638.04256.00003222 at ng-fp1.aol.com>...
:>Subject: caan you asswer this ?
:>From: "PApa GoT A BrAnDnEwBaG" Papa23 at kovaski.net 
:>Date: Mon, 08 November 1999 02:41 AM EST
:>Message-id: <rWuV3.486$Wd1.32587 at news.total.net>
:>hi.... can you tell me what the fundamental
:>resonant pulse frequency of
:>the nervous system
:>is ???
:>theres to much confusion on the net
:"the fundamental resonant pulse frequency"?
:there really is none. the so-called 'rhythms' are 'just' averaged activation
:that reflects various states of convergence within networks. why, beyond it's
:reflection of convergence, the rhythms are rather over-rated is because the
:underlying activation can occur in configurations of the network that are
:an analogy is the game of 'pinball' that's played in Japan... showers of little
:balls that 'ker-chink' their ways down to the bottom of the machine by bouncing
:off little 'posts'... there's an 'averaging' in the rate at which the balls
:fall, but, within that 'averaging', the balls can, and do, follow paths that
:are easily seen to be different from one 'trial' to the next.
:it's the path that's important, not the average rate at which the balls fall.
:in the brain, the so-called 'rhythms' correlate with this sort of 'avaraging',
:which is 'just' a reflection of stereotypical convergence within the neural
:don't get 'hung-up' on it because it's 'meaningless' if one doesn't have
:network configuration ('path') information.
:various 'states' of 'consciousness' =are= reflected in the 'rhythms', but all
:one has to do to arrive at the same conclusions reflected in this aspect of the
:'rhythms', is to look at a person. if he or she is sleeping, then are their
:eyes 'jiggling'? then the person's likely to be 'dreaming', if not, then the
:person's likely to be in 'deep sleep'.
:if the person's 'awake' but not attending to external stimuli, then they're
:'day-dreaming'. if they are attending, then they're 'paying-attention'.
:each of these things is correlated with particular 'rhythms'... but so what?
:the 'rythms' don't tell one anything that one can't see by just looking at a
:this's all the 'rhythms' 'say', so they're not as 'meaningful' as they've been
:held to be.
:if one wants to understand brain (nervous system) function, there's no way
:around becoming familiar with the functional Neuroanatomy, and understanding
:how it works.
:don't get caught-up in 'urban legends' that only block understanding.
:cheers, ken collins

but what about eeg's and the 3 to 100 hz beat they keep getting as a readout ?
some people said the nervous system had a resonant pulse in the 50khz
range and then ..stochastic resonance.. and then noise static
and then somesay the energy field of the brain is a high voltage.. microvolt
resonant pulse that varies, with emotion..and the electrostatic phenomena
would acount for the noise...ect ect....IM GETTING CONFUSED :-)
could it just be that the eeg readout is the beat note difference pulse 
of two  wide band resonant pulses beating against each other in a repulsive mode ?
and all we see is the difference say 50 000hz and 50 008 cycles and all we read on the eeg is the electromagnetic component ?? the 8 hz ??
there has to be a hi potential and low amperage nature to the brain and its field
and it has to have a fundamental clock, like the clocks of the earth cycles
the night and day phenomena ect...care to dig in the quest with me ?



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