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ken collins kckpaulc at aol.comABCXYZ
Tue Nov 9 08:49:52 EST 1999

well... it's 'time' to see if it'll 'fly'.

first, a story.

this summer, after i lost my employment, i started a hunger strike... i think i
posted a msg about it a while back. it only lasted a few days because "they"
were there. the poor fellow who got the assignment! it was really hot for New
England... 102-103 degrees F. yet, here was this fellow, hangin' out 'with me'
in front of the Chicopee City Hall. i did the ol' 'zig-zag' thing... i'd 'zig',
he'd 'zig'. i'd 'zag', he'd zag... once, rather 'desperately', because i'd
double-'zigged', and he was, obviously, 'concerned' about 'having lost me'.

anyway, it's why i didn't continue the hunger strike. when 'they' are there,
you know whatever it is you're doing is for not.

but, as a prelude to the hunger strike, i Willed all my posessions... my
notesbooks, computers, etc., to the Vatican. that's turned out for the best,
because it'll keep what i'm going to do, now, Balanced.

I, hereby, place all of the work i've done, referred to as "Neuroscientific
Duality Theory" and "Tapered Harmony", into the Public Domain.

it's my sincere hope that folks'll use what's in-it to "make the world a better
place for its Children". there's tons and tons more to both theories than i've
been able to discuss. if there's a small group of interested Neuroscientists
(NDT), or Physicists (TH), i'd like to funnel further stuff (which will also go
into the Public Domain) through them. if not, then, perhaps i'll be back online
to 'whine' some more.


it's 'hilarious'. the "thing's" started rapidly-growing again. it has to be
correlated to my sleep-deprivation. (someone in Pathology is passing up a good
research project, here.) i'd go back to the hospital, but i can't spare the
$100. besides that, my throat's gotten progressively-worse, and if i don't quit
smoking now, God's going to 'call' me on caring insufficiently for the Life He
Gave me, so i guess i'll have to quit.

if anyone wants to figure out "what gives?", rent a copy of _Electric
Horseman_, the old Redford-Fonda flick (one of my all-'time' favorites), and
give it a look. it's been my plan, since the beginning to 'turn the horse
loose". why? "Heck, Alice, I'm trying to un-screw it." :-)

...you know, as Jesus said,  "What you have received as a gift, give as a

anyway, give your Children a hug for me. ken (K. P. Collins)

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